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What to do in case if you need to close the trees
  • Warn #developers IRC channel and the #sheriffs.
  • Use to close the trees.
    • Please use the "Remember previous state" option, so you can easily restore the previous status messages when you are finished (there will be a restore button at the bottom of the page).
    • In order to change tree statuses, your browserID email needs to be added with sheriff permissions (ping edmorley/philor/catlee or ask in #developers).
    • Set the topic in #ci with the following model: OnDuty: --- ldap --- ALL/ (Name of the trees) CURRENTLY CLOSED --- BUG: bug number --- Unified #releng / #buildduty channels. CI issues? You’ve come to the right place. | This channel is logged at
  • Reload TreeStatus to confirm the status has changed.

The following trees at minimum should be closed when there is a general infrastructure problem

  • autoland
  • mozilla-central
  • mozilla-inbound
  • mozilla-beta
  • mozilla-esr*
How to open/close the trees

Go to TreeStatus page

Log on with your LDAP account in order to be able to open/close trees .

Tree screen2.png

Select the trees in question and click on Update tree(s).

Tree screen3.png

On this page select the new Status you'd like the tree(s) to have. Fill out the Reason bar with a comment about why are you closing the tree/trees, then click Update in order to submit the changes.

Tree screen4.png

For more information about tree closer procedure please also check : Incident management for Firefox infrastructure related tree-closures