ReleaseEngineering/How To/Modify cron jobs on stage

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Getting set up

First make sure you have a copy of the productdelivery module from svn. The crontab files are in the files/cron/ subdirectory.

Testing your change

The best way to test is to use the role login (eg ffxbld) on by connecting via a slave. You can verify your change will work as expected, but beware of any existing cron jobs you might fight with. They are running on a different host (, accessible by BuildVPN for RelEngers but not role accounts), which accesses the same storage.

Review and landing your change

After preparing a patch for review, vetting it for any private information that may be shown in the diff, and getting review, land the change in svn in the usual way

svn up
svn diff   # and confirm your change
svn ci -m "Bug X, <description>, r=<someone>"

Changes take 15-30 minutes to deploy.