ReleaseEngineering/How To/Modify scripts on stage

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This is means files like

  • and post_upload.ini for uploads
  • and for release virus scanning

which live in /usr/local/bin on

Getting set up

First make sure you have a copy of the productdelivery module from svn. The scripts are in the files/bin/ subdirectory.

Testing your change

The best way to develop/test is to use dev-stage01.

Review and landing your change

After preparing a patch for review and getting review, land the change in mercurial's build/tools repo in the usual way. Then land it in svn to actually deploy it

svn up
# copy in file from hg repo here
svn diff   # and confirm your change
svn ci -m "Bug X, <description>, r=<someone>"

Changes take 15-30 minutes to deploy.


  • stage/production.ini changes (which uses) are checked in to SVN as files/etc/post_upload.ini. Bug 774589 indicates that IT will need to upload the change to pvtbuilds2.dmz.scl3 as well.
  • Modify ReleaseEngineering:Maintenance with details of the deployment.