ReleaseEngineering/How To/Request That a Machine Be Reimaged

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Slave class specific instructions

So ... off the bat ... RelEng can perform reimages directly. Please only raise a bug to ask RelOps to do it, if the following instructions are not sufficient enough. And in that case, please ask Rel Ops the procedure, so we can update this doc.



Linux for linux

Other / if all else fails

If all else fails, and the above instructions do not help you:

  • make sure the slave is disabled in slavealloc
  • File a bug to reimage the machine, mark it as blocking the slave's problem tracking bug.
  • after being re-imaged, do another check to make sure the machine is in a good shape (e.g it's accessible, has a proper resolution, etc)
  • finally, re-enable it in slavealloc and reboot it.