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The Try server repo needs to be reset periodically (measured in weeks and months). This is due to Mercurial slowing down over time with the usage pattern that Try places on it.

Mozilla IT have scripted the Try repo reset. The location of the script is TBD (:fubar is finding a place for it).

Historically, Try was reset once developers grew frustrated at the slowdown of making pushes to the try repository on The reset would need to be approved at the CAB (change advistory board) meeting and communicated to developers (dev-gaia,,,, at least the day before the reset (unless critical).

Try reset machanics:

  • RelEng closes Try (mention bug#)
  • IT runs Try reset script
  • RelEng reconfig's the buildbot schedulers (to reset the hg poller state)
  • RelEng reopens Try

Going forward (after January 23, 2014), Try will be reset at each pre-planned tree closing window (TCW).