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We use tags to pull patcher for release updates, they look like UPDATE_PACKAGING_Rn for some number n. This page documents the changes between tags. It covers mozilla/tools/release and mozilla/tools/patcher in cvs.m.o:/cvsroot.

As well as providing a quick reference, this is here to track moving tags as CVS doesn't record that in the history.

Tag Suffix Description Date Parent Bugs
R16 generate partial updates at build time for releases 2012-01-08 R15 bug 607389
R15 generate snippets using new attributes 2011-10-25 R14 bug 682805
R14 objdir support for patcher 2011-05-27 R14 bug 660219
fix mac partial updates (m-c, m-a, m-b) 2011-05-26 R14 bug 658094
remove Darwin_x86_64-gcc3 ABI, fix mac partial updates 2011-05-18 R13 bug 657597
R13 Support multiple ABI/platform and use that for newer mac (bug 552924)
Gecko 2.0 and later
2011-01-26 R13 bug 600931 (mac64 -> mac)
2010-12-23 R12 bug 583671
R11_1 Support multiple ABI/platform and use that for older mac (bug 552924)
Gecko 1.9.2 and older
2010-12-23 R11 bug 583671
R12 Stop faking partial updates (Gecko 2.0 or later) 2010-08-23 R11 bug 514040
R11 Support 64bit linux & mac 2010-06-09 R10 bug 559057

Older tags aren't worth the trouble of digging up, but the history is in cvs and bugzilla going back to the perl-based release automation.