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This module installs and configures collectd on a system.


write plugins and their configurations must be defined in the org specific config file. By default, $collectd_write is set to undef in modules/config/manifests/base.pp and therefore the module is disabled.

$collectd_write is a hash which contains hashes of write plugins.

Currently, only graphite_nodes is available. In this example, $collectd_write configures the write_graphite plugin with 2 graphite servers.

   $collectd_write = {
       graphite_nodes => {
           '' => {
               'port' => '2003', 'prefix' => 'hosts.',
           '' => {
               'port' => '2003', 'prefix' => "${graphite_apikey_hostedgraphite}.hosts."


This is the main class for collectd. It ensures collectd is installed via 'packages::collectd', installs the main config file (collectd.conf), and sets up the plugin directory with a common set of plugins (common.conf)

This also ensures the service is running and notifies the service to restart should any config file change.


This class must be included from the main collectd class. It sets parameters which vary between operating systems.


This directory contains individual manifests for each plugin. As plugin manifests are written, they should be documented on this page below.


Here different plugins are include on a per OS configuration. This is because not plugins are compatible between OS