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This module handles retrieving and access of the org specific config values.


Configuration is specified in an org-specific file, manifests/$org-config.pp, which is symlinked from manifests/config.pp. This file defines a class, "config", which inherits from "config::base", which defines all config variables. The inherited class only needs to define variables whose values must change.


in manifests

class foo {
  include config
  if ($config::builder_username == "")
     fail("bad settings")

in templates (note use of empty namespace designation)

Username is <%= scope.lookupvar('::config::builder_username') %>


The available configuration variables are all listed in modules/config/manifests/base.pp; refer to that file for the most up-to-date information.


This module also defines the secret function; see ReleaseEngineering/PuppetAgain/Secrets.