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This module installs NRPE, as well as configuring plugins and checks flexibly.


In the higher toplevel classes,

 include nrpe

gets the basic checks (but note it's not used on test slaves!). At lower levels, include the checks you need, noting that the "check_" is replaced by "check::", e.g.,

 include nrpe::check::buildbot
 include nrpe::check::procs_regex

The available checks are in modules/nrpe/manifests/check.

Defining New Checks

Remember that NRPE has checks, which are defined in the configuration, and plugins, which are scripts to which checks can refer. Often, but not always, they have the same name.

Add a new manifest file in modules/nrpe/manifests/check, named after the check without the leading "check_". Add a nrpe::check resource for your check, with a cfg attribute specifying the configuration for the check (the portion following "command[whatever]="). To add a plugin, include a nrpe::plugin resource naming the plugin, and drop the plugin script into modules/nrpe/files. The existing classes provide excellent examples to follow.