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What Goes Where

For the most part, all documentation for release engineering should be rooted at ReleaseEngineering on this wiki.

Naming Pages

Bear in mind that this is Mediawiki, and CamelCase names are not required.

All ReleaseEngineering pages should be subpages of ReleaseEngineering -- that is, they should be named ReleaseEngineering/My Page Name. Further subpages are also encouraged. This clearly delineates releng pages, and also puts the handy-dandy breadcrumbs at the top that can get a reader back to ReleaseEngineering quickly.

In the past, we've had a lot of names - both for the group and for wiki pages. We've also used namespaces in the past. As of this point, we're not using these anymore, and any pages using these naming structures should be moved to a subpage as described above.

  • Build:Some Page -- BAD
  • ReleaseEngineering:Interesting Information -- BAD
  • Some Thoughts I Had The Other Day -- BAD

The move functionality is your friend, as are redirects. Redirects can be created by setting the body of the page to

 #REDIRECT [[Target Page]]

Note that moving a page will create a redirect for you, if desired.