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We're going to have a week long blogging blitz to explain how different bits of our infrastructure work.


October 26th

October 27th

October 28th

October 29th

  • Something (bhearsum)
    • TBD

October 30th

  • Wrap up?

November 2

November 3

November 4



Some possible ideas:

  • When/how builds get triggered (catlee)
  • When/how tests get triggered (catlee)
  • What happens for a given check-in: not sure whether joduinn already has info graphics for this, but would help to show devs how many builds get run, follow-on tests, how much space all that uses up, the time it takes, etc. Note: I think this should be separate from the triggered posts above.
    • (catlee)
  • Things the RelEng sheriff can do for you! (cancel builds, trigger new builds, rebuild old builds/tests, single locale trigger). How to get a hold of the RelEng sheriff? bhearsum
  • Things RelEng is and is NOT responsible for (coop)
  • Pool o' slaves (aki)
    • talk about other pools (talos, try)
  • Terminology: (john)
    • buildbot vs tinderbox
    • hourly/nightly vs depend/nightly
    • different types of major update offers
    • build time vs end-to-end cycle time
  • What makes a releng nightly/depend/unittest/debug build different from developer builds
  • how try server worked vs. how it works now (hopefully pm cloning will be in effect, or close) - talk about web interface & push to try possibilities (lsblakk)
  • talos
  • aus


If your blog is syndicated on planet mozilla, great! Write up a short post explaining your topic. Lots of peer review is good, as are links to other posts in the series!

If your blog isn't picked up by planet mozilla...

Brownbag? Recurring new hire orientation?