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PyCon 2010

PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. This year's conference includes 2 days of tutorials before the conference and 4 days of developer sprints post-conference.


Dev Sprints - Possible Bugs

The developer sprints give us an opportunity to work with the Python programming community, both experienced and new developers, on projects that currently aren't getting enough love from the RelEng team.

PyCon's Call for Sprints will get you inspired to come up with ideas for how Mozilla's Release Engineering team can get involved and get the most out of these days.

Please add any bugs here that you think could use a developer sprint:

Bug # Description Level of difficulty Point person
bug 475902 buildbot's "Stop build" doesn't work for unit test, aborts current test only low to medium
bug 494161 all of Mercurial automation should be tagged low to medium
bug 485363 setting enable_l10n = False in does not completely disable l10n low to medium
bug 493988 Break into separate files based on class/function
bug 523420 fails when contrib dirs have contents owned by others
bug 533980 Run static analysis of python code on checkin
bug 528475 contents should be factored out somewhere
bug 519229 shouldn't count the current build directory as "used"
statusdb (build on top of work done for schedulerdb)