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Project Scope + relationships to others

    • does not include taskcluster
    • does not include storage blobs
    • does not include task scheduler
    • covers deployment on demand for linux, windows, OS X, and mobile

Status Updates

  • Near-term (Q1/Q2) infrastructure goals for the project
  • Implementation plans for relops
  • Do these meet the requirements?
    • Yes, so far, but still vague
    • Should have some kind of integration testing as POC
  • Does anyone see potential showstoppers or things we missed?
    • moving machines between VLANs - can be done via inventory, but needs architecture defined and implemented first
    • plans for Windows? Using MDT to build WMI's, and then deploy that with just about any cloud technology.
  • Open Questions and how they'll get answered:
    • This is a radical change in our approach to security - what should we do to keep our security standards up?
      • Components will need review
      • Network manipulation (VLANs) is a risk
    • cloud API?
      • Want a full EC2-type API
        • User management
        • Instance management
        • Autoscaling
      • The more similar to Amazon, the better
      • Interfacing with Amazon directly from the cloud provider would give us one API to provision anything - this would be nice but is not a requirement
  • Review required resources and how we'll get them

Round Table

  • Is the Direct-Connect work part of this project? If not, who owns it?
    • (handled offline) - adam will take this in bug 962679

Action Items

  • look at provisioning tools / cloud stacks -- jake/dustin
  • continue with JAMF --jake
  • moving things out of GPO and into puppet or MDT (difficult with Win8 - registration of default browsers is domain-only) --Q
  • continue with puppet on windows, with different focus (puppet doesn't run on prod instances) --mark
  • plan for VLAN changes, but no implementation this quarter --adam