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Nightly (62)


When release management tracks a bug in Nightly we are committed to follow through on it until it is resolved.

Tracked bugs

It's often useful to sort these by the last changed date, and go through the oldest first.

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
1385262 Filled-in bookmark star icon gets bigger after bookmark animation ends after landing patch from bug #1352063 [reserve-photon-animation] ASSIGNED
1405528 Add-ons that were previously uninstalled get reinstalled when Firefox updates REOPENED
1434252 sessionstore gets lost on upgrade to Firefox 58 VERIFIED FIXED
1437772 0.35 - 0.58% installer size (linux32, linux64, osx-cross, windows2012-32, windows2012-64) regression on push fbd6ca22f8417eb5833e2f7c585f69252de10216 (Mon Feb 12 2018) ASSIGNED
1443181 Facebook game 8 Ball Pool smeared in current Nightly [gfx-noted] NEW
1446900 Crash in mozilla::ipc::IToplevelProtocol::OtherPid VERIFIED FIXED
1449033 Long cycle collector pauses with an addon installed VERIFIED FIXED
1450607 The connection was reset for partial content RESOLVED FIXED
1450626 The early blank window should use the about:home background color [fxperf:p3] NEW
1452666 Navigations initiated by an extensions content script (with an expanded principal) cause error in nsISerializationHelper.serializeToString RESOLVED FIXED
1453541 Marking the frame's overflow area for rebuild doesn't include things that intersect out-of-flow descendants VERIFIED FIXED
1453944 3.57 - 4.17% displaylist_mutate (windows10-64, windows7-32) regression on push 665843c6cfd1a3049128597afbef8a68bcc1e086 (Thu Apr 12 2018) RESOLVED WONTFIX
1453951 Crash in non-virtual thunk to nsInProcessTabChildGlobal::WrapObject VERIFIED FIXED
1454149 uses 100% CPU due to GIF [gfx-noted] RESOLVED FIXED
1454204 WebVR doesn't present in Vive on Mac OS ASSIGNED
1455269 Switching tabs while an install doorhanger is open breaks the install flow RESOLVED FIXED
1455337 Language packs should be compatible with major.minor.* rather than declaring the .sec version RESOLVED FIXED
1455779 3-Pane Inspector: Panels shrinked on the Side. RESOLVED FIXED
1456150 Crash in static void alloc_system::platform::{{impl}}::oom NEW
1456485 Firefox Screenshots no longer works on PDF pages REOPENED
1457110 Dropdown bookmarks menu is shown in wrong place above "Bookmarks Menu" button after landing patch from bug #1387399 RESOLVED FIXED
1457136 Crash in nsTArray_base<T>::SwapArrayElements<T> | MergeState::MergeState NEW
1457273 Crash in java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: invalid selection notification range at org.mozilla.gecko.GeckoEditableChild.onSelectionChange( ASSIGNED
1457301 Crash in mozilla::ipc::ProcessLink::SendMessage | IPC_Message_Name=PBrowser::Msg_AsyncMessage RESOLVED FIXED
1457322 Moving mouse vertically off inspector results in blue page RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1457538 14.37% tp5o responsiveness (linux64) regression on push bb6b514d69886a9b7f639859f623f1b5191245de (Fri Apr 27 2018) VERIFIED WONTFIX
1457929 Enable privacy.usercontext.about_newtab_segregation.enabled NEW
1458303 Provide fix to Firefox to prevent TDR on Windows 7 with bugged NVIDIA GPU drivers (397.40 & 397.76) on Pascal GPUs [gfx-noted] VERIFIED FIXED
1458480 4.41 - 5.13% Heap Unclassified (windows10-64, windows7-32) regression on push c460245ddcff (Mon Apr 30 2018) RESOLVED FIXED
1458971 Crash in mozilla::MozPromise<T>::ThenValueBase::AssertIsDead VERIFIED FIXED
1459066 Overflow menu WebExtension subview header text is invisible on dark theme RESOLVED FIXED
1459285 Update to tzdata2018e RESOLVED FIXED
1459441 Firefox 61 breaks Fancybox VERIFIED FIXED
1459443 Crash in static void mozilla::dom::`anonymous namespace'::StructuredCloneCallbacksFreeTransfer VERIFIED FIXED
1459538 5.61 - 8.72% damp (linux64, osx-10-10, windows10-64, windows7-32) regression on push 18937f7c5c2fe8d38b7e479c18f81816368df503 (Thu May 3 2018) RESOLVED FIXED
1459646 [RTL] Resizer icons mirrored RESOLVED FIXED
1459655 Crash in mozilla::ipc::PrincipalInfoToPrincipal VERIFIED FIXED
1459940 Spidermonkey bustage and Jit test failures in memory-bulk.js when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 VERIFIED FIXED
1459947 Various webextension tests are going to permafail when the Gecko version number is bumped to 63 on 2018-06-25 RESOLVED FIXED
1460119 gSnippetsMap.getTotalBookmarksCount() never resolves RESOLVED FIXED
1460221 Clicking a link in a pinned tab opens a normal tab in the middle of pinned tabs VERIFIED FIXED
1460282 Crash in InvalidArrayIndex_CRASH | nsTArray_Impl<T>::ElementAt | mozilla::EventStateManager::IsEventOutsideDragThreshold VERIFIED FIXED
1460287 Theme doesn't load and will not load after Firefox update VERIFIED FIXED
1460295 unresponsive visiting login page on [webcompat] RESOLVED FIXED
1460385 Don't trace propid in TraceCycleCollectorChildren [qf] RESOLVED FIXED
1460526 Intermittent /html/semantics/embedded-content/image-maps/image-map-processing-model/hash-name-reference.html | application crashed [@ MOZ_CrashPrintf] [retriggered][stockwell fixed:product] RESOLVED FIXED
1460601 Add custom search engine doesn't work RESOLVED FIXED
1460636 Long CC pauses from tracing group_property in js::ObjectGroup::traceChildren(JSTracer* trc) [qf] VERIFIED FIXED
1460858 Text font turns to italic on first run, on some pages RESOLVED FIXED
1460870 browser_parsable_css.js | Got error message for resource://pdf.js/web/viewer.css when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 VERIFIED FIXED
1460989 Galaxy S8 SEGV_ACCERR crash in v60+ NEW
1461203 [Ubuntu 16.04] Arrows on scrollbars are not visible; also sometimes there are empty scrollbars RESOLVED FIXED
1461231 No repaint after removing an element that has `position: fixed` (exact Firefox build is known) RESOLVED FIXED
1461267 Crash in InvalidArrayIndex_CRASH | MergeState::Finalize NEW
1461281 [Firefox Screenshots] The image disappears in edit mode if you hover a color that is positioned under the image VERIFIED WORKSFORME
1461285 Some pages do not load correctly and resource usage increases. NEW
1461293 WebGL 2 TexStorage2D regression: texSubImage2D: The specified TexImage has not yet been specified. RESOLVED FIXED
1461304 Windows bustage eg: /js/src/wasm/WasmBinaryToAST.cpp when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 NEW
1461308 Xpcshell bustage eg: toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_proxy.js when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 VERIFIED FIXED
1461343 Master Password not displayed RESOLVED FIXED
1461446 infinitely-sized table (with flex container, table-layout:fixed, and percent width) NEW
1461590 Language pack: Incomplete translation for some languages after updating to Firefox 60 VERIFIED FIXED
1461635 The bookmark vertical separators are invisible on Mac platform [fxsearch] RESOLVED FIXED
1461736 Inline autocomplete broken [fxsearch] RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1461812 crash in [@ MergeState::ProcessPredecessorsOfOldNode] RESOLVED FIXED
1462056 Unpacked dictionaries are not listed nor used in text areas unless re-installed to packed version VERIFIED FIXED
1462303 Intermittent SSL_RX_MALFORMED_SERVER_HELLO on HN and YouTube (TLS 1.3) RESOLVED FIXED
1462358 Permafail "bug-1461027.js:2:6 ReferenceError: TypedObject is not defined" when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 VERIFIED FIXED
1462412 Assertion failure: false (Duplicate display item!), at src/layout/painting/nsDisplayList.cpp:141 RESOLVED FIXED
1462497 Crash in MergeState::HasMatchingItemInOldList RESOLVED FIXED
1462635 Make the Recently Bookmarked/Recent History sections titles more visible in Dark theme ASSIGNED
1463581 Stopping a live gUM track doesn't update the aggregated track.enabled state across track clones NEW
1463842 Multiple reftest failures about colors/animations and about scrolling when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 gfx-noted VERIFIED FIXED
1464090 [Firefox Screenshots] Save Full page functionality for large websites no longer works on latest Nightly builds [necko-triaged] NEW
1464095 Crash in MergeState::AddNewNode NEW
1464288 wrong z-order after scroll RESOLVED FIXED

76 Total; 20 Open (26.32%); 33 Resolved (43.42%); 23 Verified (30.26%);

Tracking nominations

Bugs nominated (by anyone) for tracking. These need frequent triage. It's good to mark which versions are affected and unaffected. If you can't easily tell from the comments, ask for QA help.

Full Query
ID Summary Whiteboard Status Resolution
1462046 mozilla::storage::AsyncExecuteStatements::Run spins the cpu at 100% for longer than I'm willing to wait [fxsearch] NEW
1463767 Bustage in dom/file/nsHostObjectProtocolHandler.cpp when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 RESOLVED FIXED
1464084 libstdc++ compat for std::thread::_M_start_thread is busted NEW
1464244 Images in suspended background tabs will flicker/blink/flash after landing patches from bug #1176019 gfx-noted NEW
1464381 KeyError: u"'NIGHTLY_BUILD'" from bug 1464128 when Gecko 62 merges to Beta on 2018-06-14 NEW
1464412 [RTL] Resizer icon mirrored on specific site(s) ASSIGNED

6 Total; 5 Open (83.33%); 1 Resolved (16.67%); 0 Verified (0%);

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