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This page is for notes from the Firefox post mortem meeting held on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at 10am PDT.


General questions to think about:

  • What did we do right? What worked?
    1. Overall, a very smooth release.
    2. Security notices were out a week ahead of the release for the security-group and security-announce.
  • What did we do wrong? What didn't work?
    1. Had website issues. It took 45 minutes for things to appear live (from stage). After that, several Europeans reported not seeing the changes on through the next morning. Sam will follow up with IT on why this might be.
    2. Pushed upyourplug changes again. Reed is removing these from trunk and pushing fixed versions to stage. We'll push them to production as well.
    3. IT had a "meltdown" which caused bugzilla down time. This was entirely an IT issue and they're looking to see what went wrong. This was not due to load or anything the release team could control.