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This page is for notes from the Firefox post mortem meeting held on July 9 at 11am.


  • How did we handle respinning? Did the process work well? Could we have done better?
    • Problems were mainly related to lack of communication. While we didn't want to use the release-drivers list, we should have kept more people in the loop. Specifically, QA wasn't on the first off-list thread and only heard updates through the driver.
    • Wasn't clear who was going to make the final decision. This should be made clear at the start of any discussion about respinning.
    • After we were further along and started including release-drivers, there was a bit too much of communication. We should have limited those responses to decisions and basic discussion without going into depth.
  • What did we do right? What worked?
    1. This was one of the first times (the first time?) we did a second RC after going to beta. Build had some extra work to do (generating bits from RC1 to RC2), as did QA (verifying aforementioned bits). This went smoothly and no problems were found.
  • What did we do wrong? What didn't work?
    1. Copying the release note changes from resulted in a few mistakes, mostly due to the Firefox 3 being released. This also occurred for the announcements. ss has made changes to the release notes and vetted them past marketing to ensure they were correct and no "bad" content was added. This included giving ample notice to localizers about the changes.