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Since we haven't done major update for Fx2 -> 3 before, and because there was no previous checklist, this is a checklist of the things we're doing or need to do.


  • Project lead: beltzner/ss
  • Security/dev lead: dveditz
  • Build lead: ??
  • QA lead: juanb


  • Determine we need to major update
  • Create a schedule
  • Announce schedule
  • Ensure all code changes are in and released
  • Get update page ready for translation (work with marketing)... ensure page goes into en-US/firefox/*majorversionnumber(i.e.3.0)*/details. We put it in 3.0.1 by mistake.
  • Give build the go to create major update snippets
  • QA starts full testing (3 days or so)
  • l10n starts localizing the update page (1 week)
  • Release to beta channel (without all l10n completed)
  • Release to live channel (potentially delay based on l10n)