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Release Engineers

Nick Thomas


bug 464351 - tracking bug
bug 461914 - null partner updates

Generate Major Update Snippets

These are for the "vanilla" builds we're going to update.

# ssh
mkdir -p /builds/
cd /builds/
cvs co -r UPDATE_PACKAGING_R5 -d patcher mozilla/tools/patcher
cd patcher
cvs co -r UPDATE_PACKAGING_R5 -d MozBuild mozilla/tools/release/MozBuild
cd ../
cvs co -d patcher-configs mozilla/tools/patcher-configs

cd patcher

# build tools
./ --build-tools --app=firefox --tools-rev=UPDATE_PACKAGING_R5 --config=../patcher-configs/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg 2>&1 | tee ../firefox_build-tools.log

# download mars
./ --download --app=firefox --config=../patcher-configs/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg 2>&1 | tee ../firefox_download.log

# FIXME - patcher needs to see that the MARs that it thinks are partials
#             are there or else it will not attempt to generate patchinfo
cd temp/firefox
ln -s 3.0.4
cd ../..

# Create partial patches and snippets
./ --create-patches --app=firefox --config=../patcher-configs/moz18-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg 2>&1 | tee ../firefox-create-patches.log

Separate out beta snippets

cd temp/firefox/
rsync -a aus2/ aus2.beta/
find aus2.beta/ -type d -name "release" -exec rm -rfv {} \;
find aus2/ -type d -name "beta" -exec rm -rfv {} \; 

Quick verify

Check the snippets are identical for all four channels

# betatest == releasetest
find aus2.test -type d -iregex '.*betatest.*' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/betatest/releasetest/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");'
# test the opposite direction to catch anything that only exists for releasetest
find aus2.test -type d -iregex '.*releasetest.*' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/releasetest/betatest/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");'

# betatest == beta
find aus2.test -type d -iregex '.*betatest.*' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/betatest/beta/; $a =~ s/aus2\.test/aus2.beta/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");'
find aus2.beta -type d -iregex '.*/beta$' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/beta$/betatest/; $a =~ s/aus2\.beta/aus2.test/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");' 

# betatest == release
find aus2.test -type d -iregex '.*betatest.*' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/betatest/release/; $a =~ s/aus2\.test/aus2/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");'
find aus2 -type d -iregex '.*/release$' | perl -nle '$a = $_; $a =~ s/release$/betatest/; $a =~ s/aus2/aus2.test/; system("diff -r -u $_ $a");'

Push to AUS

cd /builds/
rsync -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/aus' -av aus2/
rsync -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/aus' -av aus2.beta/
rsync -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/aus' -av aus2.test/

Enable test snippets

Safe to do this without doing null snippets because we're only talking about betatest and releasetest, where no end-users of partner builds will be falling back to (metrics website confirms).

~/bin/backupsnip 20081117-Firefox-
~/bin/pushsnip 20081117-Firefox-

Update verify

Ran update verify on fx-{linux,mac,win32}-1.9-slave2 as follows:

mkdir -p /builds/verify/firefox-20018-304-real-major/
cd /builds/verify/firefox-20018-304-real-major/
cvs -d co -d updates mozilla/testing/release/updates/
cvs -d co -d common mozilla/testing/release/common/

# get patch to trawl "Only in" directories
cd common
# on mac & linux
curl -s | patch -p0
# on win32
wget --no-check-certificate -O patch
patch -p0 < patch

# everyone ...
platform=linux   # or mac or win32
cd ../updates
./ -c moz18-firefox-$platform-major.cfg 2>&1 | tee $platform.log

Generate Null Partner Snippets

Create snippets

Starting from attachment 349718, we create empty snippets to block partner builds from updating.

# ssh
cd /builds/
# get a copy of ...
#    and save as partner-update-channels
# checkout out and update it
cd temp/firefox/
bash ../../../one-offs/ ../../../partner-update-channels

NB: just going to do the release-* snippets this time, since there are no users on releastest, beta, betatest. Now check there are no vanilla snippets in there [no extended regexp in find :-(]

find aus2.null -regex '.*/release/.*'
find aus2.null -regex '.*/releasetest/.*'
find aus2.null -regex '.*/beta/.*'
find aus2.null -regex '.*/betatest/.*'

Push to AUS server

rsync -e 'ssh -i /home/cltbld/.ssh/aus' -av aus2.null/

Push live

13780 files in all

# cltbld@aus2-staging
~/bin/backupsnip 20081124-Firefox-
~/bin/pushsnip 20081124-Firefox-

Verify nulls

Create a list of URLs to test

cd /builds/

and change the version, BuildID, leave only win32 in the platform list. Also set it to read in from partner-update-channels, and write to platform specific file. Repeat for linux, mac.

We create a null.xml for comparison

wget -O null.xml

Generate platform-specific locale lists

ls temp/firefox/ > locales-win32.txt
ls temp/firefox/ > locales-mac.txt
ls temp/firefox/ > locales-linux.txt

Run tests for win32

one-offs/ urls-win32.txt 2>&1 | tee test-nulls-win32.txt
grep -v '^PASS' test-nulls-win32.txt

Which is expected, because we already enabled MU for T-Online and it's only the de locale. Same again for each other platform.

Uploaded files used/created to bug 461914.

Enable beta snippets

Safe to do this without doing null snippets because there are no end-users of partner builds on beta channel (kev and metrics website confirmed).

cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
time ~/bin/backupsnip 20081117-Firefox-
real    27m28.805s
user    0m28.542s
sys     0m30.046s
time ~/bin/pushsnip 20081117-Firefox-
real    0m7.887s
user    0m0.006s
sys     0m0.401s

Enable release snippets

  • In case you need to cancel/abort updates, the quickest way to do this is here
  • Ahead of time
# cltbld@aus2-staging
time ~/bin/backupsnip 20081117-Firefox-
 real    32m35.668s
 user    0m31.077s
 sys     0m56.322s
  • Actual release
# cltbld@aus2-staging
time ~/bin/pushsnip 20081117-Firefox-
 real    0m5.623s
 user    0m0.008s
 sys     0m0.418s

Remove nulls

Once Fx ships, we should remove the nulls for partners that have not had a major update yet. Will do this in bug 461914.