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General Firefox 3.0.13 Test Plan

This is the basic set of tests we run for every security & maintenance release.

Description of Release

3.0.13 is an important and non-normal security release for Firefox.

Specific Test Plan for this Release

Nothing specific for this release.


Current Tasks

  • Ongoing: Smoketets and bug verifications


This is an estimated schedule as a normal security release.

  • Tree opens:
  • Code freeze:
  • QA starts: week of 7/26
  • Builds start: 7/30
  • QA with builds start: 7/31
    • Smoketests: - 2 people
    • BFTs: - 2 people
    • l10n Testing: - 2 people
    • Betatest Channel Testing: - 2 people
    • Beta Channel Testing:
  • Beta period starts:
    • Releasetest & Release Channel Testing: - 2 people
  • Final release:

Test Assignments:

  • Smoketests, BFT
    • ashughes
    • Tyler Downer
    • gmontagu
  • l10n Testing
    • gmontagu
    • ashughes
    • juanb
  • Betatest/Beta updates
    • ashughes
    • juanb
    • gmontagu
  • Releasetest/Release updates
    • ashughes
    • tchung


Test Results

Firefox 3.0.13 Build 1
Smoketest Team PASS
l10n Team PASS
Updates Team PASS [betatest]

Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed:

Target Bugs to Verify

Given the low number of bugs in this release, we are targeting all.

Dependent Bugs to Verify

There are several dependencies. The most important of which is the new NSS tag. See individual bugs for details.