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Release Rapid Response Team - Firefox 3.0.1 -> Firefox 3.0.2 minor update

This is the coordination page for the second effort by the new & experimental Firefox Release Rapid Response Team.

The team will be watching for feedback from all over and reports of "possible" or "emerging" issues will be aggregated here as soon as they're discovered. As issues get confirmed, they'll be turned into bugs and passed on to the Release Drivers team and nominated for fixing in the next dot release. Those confirmed issues will also be "written up" for deployment by Support, blog commenters, etc.



  • "Just updated to Firefox 3.0.2. All but one extension made it through alive." he replied "I got a warning for FaviconizeTab. But after restarting Firefox, the extension is enabled." so it looks like we're OK here. That's expected behavior, right?
  • " - Just upgraded to Firefox 3.0.2, and I keep getting this error message. Is anybody else seeing this?" Looks like Password Bank, whatever that is, isn't working in 3.0.2. Looks like this is not us. Rey found a forum post on Toshiba laptops' Password Bank feature with a workaround for _their_ problem. I tweeted "re: Password bank: Go into Protector Suite config & disable firefox integration, close, open back up, and re-enable."

Update Mechanism

  • "The operation cannot be completed because the item "firefox-bin.rsrc" is in use." I don't know WTF I'm doing, but I'm ruining my Mac! (Asa: not sure what's going on here. Asked for more info.) More info: could be he had another user logged in to Mac in the background with Firefox running.

Broken Features

Data Migration or Loss

  • Some Reports about lost Passwords after Update to 3.0.2 -> investigating this reports -> Tomcat
    • SUMO forum threads about this: [1] [2] [3]
    • SUMO KB article [4]
    • Twitter response: Do you see "this._storage is null" in Firefox Tools->Error Console? If so, Mozilla has a fix & will update soon.

Sites not working

General, Unknown, or Other