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This is the agenda and notes from the post-mortem for Firefox and 3.0.4 that took place on November 21 at 1pm PST.


Please add your issues to the relevant section below.


  • Development
    1. Several patches weren't in by code freeze, partly due to communication issues. How do we communicate better to make sure this doesn't happen again?
  • QA
    1. Any issues?
  • Build
    1. What happened during the initial build process that delayed signing?
    2. On release day, there was a ~1.5 hour delay between "go" to release for 3.0.4 (and 45 minutes for How do we minimize the time it takes to push? (Normally this is ~5 minutes, right?)
    3. Clearer communication, and single-point of rule setting.
  • Web work
    1. Several items missed before going live ("beta" tag; links to previous release). Need to make sure we get better review of this page prior to release.
    2. Item unrelated to release was pushed later that night which broke downloads on /firefox/. In the future, we'll make sure changes to this page get QA sign off.
  • IT
    1. couldn't serve downloads properly due to the the download counter hurting the bouncer db. What happened this time that caused that and how will this be solved in the future?
      1. See bug bug 464778
  • Other
    1. <3