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Firefox 3.6rc2 is the second release candidate of Firefox 3.6


  • Overall lead: beltzner
  • Security/Dev lead: beltzner
  • Build lead: catlee
  • QA lead: whimboo
  • Web lead: beltzner



Friday, Jan 15

  • start builds (catlee)
  • place snippets on test channels (catlee)
  • begin automated update tests (catlee)

Saturday, Jan 16

  • update web content on trunk (beltzner)
    • revision 60150
  • sign off on automated update tests (catlee)
  • test web page changes on trunk (juanb)
  • test update channels (juanb)
  • push web pages live (beltzner)

Sunday, Jan 17 (these steps need to be done in order)

  • start seeding build mirrors (catlee)
  • update product-details on trunk (beltzner, with help from reed)
  • push product-details and .htaccess (beltzner, with help from reed)
  • turn on updates on beta and release channels (nthomas)

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