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bug 1056839

Build 1

  • Fennec l10n busted by not having java 1.7 (sdk upgrade rode the train), fix
  • source bundles too big to gpg sign, bug 1082447
  • bug 1081031, xulrunner_macosx64 fails - not respinning for this, uplift before b2
  • no push to apple. We don't need it, confirmed by lmandel

Build 2

  • manually deleted firefox/releases/34.0b1, bug 1082915 to purge CDNs
  • linux64 and linux build failures, race condition in build system bug 1082910
  • mac l10n, signing failures bug 1008052, reduced concurrency in the signing server
  • final verify failed to get an update for one mac locale, couldn't reproduce manually or in second run
  • post release after QA sent out "Signing off on Play Store availability" - release wiki updated
  • updated Balrog

creating snippets to update RCs

NB: Not actually done or needed

I was expecting 33 beta something to be the RCs but patcher says: <33.0>

anyway I've tried to create the script for the RCs as described here:

mkdir -p Firefox-34.0b1-build2-rc-updates-test/Firefox/33.0/{Darwin_x86-gcc3-u-i386-x86_64,Darwin_x86_64-gcc3-u-i386-x86_64,Linux_x86-gcc3,Linux_x86_64-gcc3,WINNT_x86-msvc}
for i in Darwin_x86-gcc3-u-i386-x86_64 Darwin_x86_64-gcc3-u-i386-x86_64 Linux_x86-gcc3 Linux_x86_64-gcc3 WINNT_x86-msvc; do
   rsync -av /opt/aus2/snippets/pushed/Firefox-34.0b1-build2-test/Firefox/33.0/$i/$buildid_33_/ Firefox-34.0b1-build2-rc-updates-test/Firefox/33.0/$i/$buildid_31RC_bld1/
   rsync -av /opt/aus2/snippets/pushed/Firefox-34.0b1-build2-test/Firefox/33.0/$i/$buildid_33_/ Firefox-34.0b1-build2-rc-updates-test/Firefox/33.0/$i/$buildid_31RC_bld2/
# push test live, double check that the directory doesn't have "release" directory
pushsnip Firefox-34.0b1-build2-rc-updates-test

I (mgerva) haven't executed it because I am not sure we have RCs or not.

<nthomas>: We don't need to do this any more because Balrog handles it automatically, checklist and docs updated.