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Firefox 40 RC (build 5) Test Plan

QE recommendation regarding the quality of the build

Recommendation based on results from manual testing GOOD FOR RELEASE

Manual Testing summary - Platform Coverage and Areas Tested

  • Testing is performed around areas most affected by fixes since the previous Beta (in cases when there are no Regression tests to cover these areas, or those tests have already been run as part of the Full Beta Regression set)
  • Test Cases executed and results: report


Platform Assignee Results: report
Windows 7 x86 (Intel HD 2500) Camelia Badau [DONE]
Windows 10 x64 (nVIDIA GeForce 620) Cornel Ionce [DONE]
Mac OS X 10.10 (Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB) Alexandra Lucinet [DONE]
Ubuntu 14.04 x86 (AMD Radeon HD 3000) Vasilica Mihasca [DONE]


Tested Area Testing Type Results


See the Feature Release Tracking gdoc for a general overview

Feature Owner Status Details Test Plan
Async plugin init Catalin Varga [DONE] SIGNED OFF -
First Run for 40 release Catalin Varga [DONE] NO sign-off (helping with testing) - VERIFIED -
Suggested tiles: Sponsored Cornel Ionce [DONE] SIGNED OFF Test Plan
Suggested tiles: Affiliate Cornel Ionce [DONE] SIGNED OFF Test Plan
New Add-on Signing Vasilica Mihasca DROPPED FROM 40 Feature dropped from Firefox 39 & 40 (not enough add-ons signed) -
Unified telemetry/FHR Stuart Philp DROPPED FROM 40 Testing performed is tracked in bug 1169037 -
OMTC by default on Linux Alexandra Lucinet [DONE] SIGNED OFF -
Hello - Context Bogdan Maris [DONE] SIGNED OFF Test Plan
Windows 10 support Andrei Vaida / Cornel Ionce [DONE] New feature targeted for Firefox 40 - weekly status reports (major issues were reported) -


New bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1192841 Several blank new tabs are opened after a complete theme is installed RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1192846 [Ubuntu] Graphical issue using a complete theme RESOLVED WORKSFORME

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Known Issues - also seen in previous builds

Major issues also seen in previous builds


Low impact issues also seen in previous builds

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1008178 Intermittently, mouse-over on personas doesn't preview the themes RESOLVED INACTIVE
1150218 Misaligned close button when there is more than one in new all-doorhanger flow for addons website install RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1157171 User does not have a chance to read the install confirmation doorhanger, if the extension opens a new Tab on startup RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1158067 Add-ons installed from about:addons search list does not follow the New UI Install flow RESOLVED WONTFIX
1163975 The incompatible add-on icon does not disappear from location bar RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1166754 Confusing approval message for add-on install process via drag&drop RESOLVED INACTIVE
1166949 Display an in-content UI for add-ons installed by drag and drop from the local filesystem RESOLVED WONTFIX
1171636 Allow displaying multiple simultaneous add-on installs RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1175902 Empty screenshot box should be hidden in about:addons VERIFIED FIXED
1175917 ”Check for updates” link from add-on details tab does not return any message for an up to date add-on NEW
1181060 Themes 2row titles are overlapped by the "+ Add" button on hover VERIFIED FIXED
1182473 "None" word should be removed from theme details tab in about:addons RESOLVED INACTIVE
1184296 aborted installation of addon won't install second time RESOLVED INVALID
1186244 Remove border artifacts between navbar and tabbar in lw-themes on Windows 10 VERIFIED FIXED

14 Total; 1 Open (7.14%); 10 Resolved (71.43%); 3 Verified (21.43%);

Branch Bug Fix Verifications


Status tags

  • [NOT STARTED] - {{mnotstarted}} - little or no work has started on this task
  • [ON TRACK] - {{mok}} - task is actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [DONE] - {{mdone}} - task is completed and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [AT RISK] - {{mrisk}}- blocking bug / high number of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel not comfortable with the quality of the build.
  • [IN PROGRESS] - {{mprog}} - actively being tested on
  • [INVESTIGATION NEEDED] - {{minvest}} - more investigation needed