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Build 1

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  • Current status: resolved via tctalker firefox mozilla-release push to releases human decision task


  • bug 1269540 - mozilla-release desktop builds reverted to running buildbot factories
3:50 PM <lizzard> kmoir: jrgm is asking now
3:50 PM <lizzard> to see if we can stop 45.0.2 instance from updating to 46.0.x
3:51 PM <lizzard> just until they make sure their fix is really, truly, correct and their server load doesn’t get worse
3:51 PM <•kmoir> well, we can set a rule for that
3:51 PM <lizzard> is this something you can make a change to balrog to temporarily stop 
3:51 PM <lizzard> yah
3:51 PM <lizzard> should i file a bug real quick for this?
3:51 PM <•kmoir> sure so we can track
3:51 PM <lizzard> or can you just do it and then we file the bug 
3:51 PM <lizzard> yes
3:51 PM <•kmoir> yes I can do it
3:52 PM <lizzard> ideally we will be fine tomorrow morning and the load on the sync server goes down. then we can remove that rule and unthrottle
3:55 PM hwine → hwine|mtg
3:57 PM <•kmoir> okay I have set the firefox release rule (id 145) to have a version restriction of >45.0.2
  • bug 1269848 Temporarily block background updates from 45.0.2