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Firefox 46.0 Beta 10 Test Plan

QE recommendation regarding the quality of the build

  • Recommendation based on results from manual testing:
Build 1 SIGN-OFF

Manual Testing summary - Platform Coverage and Areas Tested

  • Testing performed around: Sync, Default browser settings and Hello (Loop).
  • Test Cases executed and results: report

Build 1

Platform Build architecture Assignee Results: report
Windows XP x64 (AMD Radeon HD 3000) 32-bit Cornel Ionce [DONE]
Windows 8.1 x86 (Intel HD 4400) 32-bit Iulia Cristescu [DONE]
Mac OS X 10.8 (ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT) 64-bit Mihai Boldan [DONE]
Ubuntu 12.04 x64 (AMD Radeon HD 3000) 64-bit Alexandra Lucinet [DONE]
Tested Area Testing Type Results
Default Browser Regression Testing PASS
Hello Regression Testing PASS


See the Feature Release Tracking gdoc for a general overview

Feature Owner Status Details Test Plan
APZ Petruta Rasa [YELLOW] Feature targeted for Firefox 47 - there won't be a pre-release sign off sent for this feature on Fx46 Test Plan


New bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1263896 Microphone hovered state icon is incomplete (white line near the separator) RESOLVED WONTFIX
1263897 A/V indicators overlap the other buttons when context is displayed RESOLVED INCOMPLETE

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 2 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Known Issues - also seen in previous builds

Major issues also seen in previous builds

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1262280 "Attempt Limit Exceeded" on First Try When Creating an Account RESOLVED FIXED

1 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (100%); 0 Verified (0%);

Low impact issues also seen in previous builds

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
428378 Synced tabs, bookmarks, and history entries don't have a favicon until the user re-visits that page again REOPENED
1093856 "Attempt limit exceeded" error message can be nicer and useful. RESOLVED FIXED
1195569 First sync after creating a new account always creates an error log REOPENED
1206736 Firefox should not ask to save an incorrect Firefox Account credential REOPENED
1209048 [Windows] The default browser is not automatically selected while importing data from about:preferences#security NEW
1221980 New empty conversation window generated when 'Copy Link'/'E-mail Link' buttons are dragged&dropped RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1229749 "Show" button from the reset password page should only react on second press if the textarea is not in focus RESOLVED FIXED
1238940 Wrong link redirect when clicking Email Preferences from Firefox Accounts RESOLVED FIXED
1238955 The light themes are not synced RESOLVED DUPLICATE
1238960 Firefox Accounts preference pane won't close when Back button is pressed RESOLVED FIXED
1238961 Browser becomes unresponsive when stressing the Firefox Accounts page RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1246138 The account picture is wrongly displayed when trying to upload a photo from the firstrun page RESOLVED FIXED
1246148 A long e-mail address overlaps the designated area when a display name is set RESOLVED FIXED
1252439 Focus jumps from url bar to search bar when opening a new tab while in a conversation RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1257834 Context is shown in Conversation Window even though guest did not join the room RESOLVED WONTFIX
1257846 "See how it works" button is in focus when the Hello Panel is opened RESOLVED INCOMPLETE
1261753 "unexpected error" when logging in to RESOLVED FIXED
1261845 Wrong background and tooltip for Hello icon during the tour RESOLVED FIXED
1261849 Hello conversation opens while Firefox is in never remember history mode RESOLVED FIXED
1262821 After exiting a conversation, selecting to "Download Firefox" actually rejoins the conversation RESOLVED FIXED
1263124 Hello dropdown does not close when other icon/bar is focused RESOLVED INCOMPLETE

21 Total; 4 Open (19.05%); 17 Resolved (80.95%); 0 Verified (0%);

Branch Bug Fix Verifications

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1168263 [APZ] Scrolling 3d-transformed things is whacky VERIFIED FIXED
1251431 Demo doesn't work on Win10 VERIFIED FIXED

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 2 Verified (100%);

Status tags

  • [NOT STARTED] - {{mnotstarted}} - little or no work has started on this task
  • [ON TRACK] - {{mok}} - task is actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [DONE] - {{mdone}} - task is completed and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [AT RISK] - {{mrisk}}- blocking bug / high number of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel not comfortable with the quality of the build.
  • [IN PROGRESS] - {{mprog}} - actively being tested on
  • [INVESTIGATION NEEDED] - {{minvest}} - more investigation needed