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Firefox 46.0 Beta 5 Test Plan

QE recommendation regarding the quality of the build

  • Recommendation based on results from manual testing:

Manual Testing summary - Platform Coverage and Areas Tested

  • Testing performed around: printing, themes, toolbar customization and webgl.
  • Test Cases executed and results: report

Build 2

Platform Build architecture Assignee Results: report
Windows 7 x86 (NVIDIA GeForce 210) 32-bit Camelia Badau [DONE]
Windows 8 x64 (AMD Radeon HD 3000) 64-bit Andrei Vaida, Mihai Boldan [DONE]
Mac OS X 10.10.5 (Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB) 64-bit Alexandra Lucinet [DONE]
Ubuntu 14.04 x86 (Intel HD 4600) 32-bit Iulia Cristescu [DONE]
Tested Area Testing Type Results
Printing Regression Testing PASS
Themes Regression Testing FAIL
Toolbar customization Regression Testing FAIL
WebGL Regression Testing PASS


See the Feature Release Tracking gdoc for a general overview

Feature Owner Status Details Test Plan
APZ Petruta Rasa [ON TRACK] Feature targeted for Firefox 46 - final QA sign-off at the end of Beta 46 Test Plan


New bugs

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
1259729 Pocket button is intermittently missing its icon and panel content on startup VERIFIED FIXED
1259767 Themes option not available in Customize Mode while using a complete theme RESOLVED WONTFIX

2 Total; 0 Open (0%); 1 Resolved (50%); 1 Verified (50%);

Known Issues - also seen in previous builds

Major issues also seen in previous builds

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Low impact issues also seen in previous builds

Full Query
ID Summary Status Resolution
538844 When the Bookmarks Toolbar is moved to the Menu line, its original space is left blank NEW
725413 Bookmark separator expands the bookmarks toolbar size by a noticiable amount of pixels NEW
730640 Scrolling a page with a running a java applet causes rendering issues with the applet RESOLVED INVALID
972658 Undo 'restore defaults' does not restore toolbar visibility (bookmarks / menu toolbar ) NEW
1008178 Intermittently, mouse-over on personas doesn't preview the themes RESOLVED INACTIVE
1057858 <input type=number> should not fire extra focus/blur events when script focuses it immediately after inserting it into the document or making it visible by removing display:none RESOLVED FIXED
1061747 Restore Defaults does not reset the current theme VERIFIED FIXED
1182473 "None" word should be removed from theme details tab in about:addons RESOLVED INACTIVE
1184137 [OS X] Layout issues when Bookmarks Toolbar is placed in the Tab bar RESOLVED WORKSFORME
1202654 “Restart now” and “Undo” buttons should not appear for Default theme in about:addons RESOLVED INACTIVE
1245074 'Restore Defaults' button via Customize mode is enabled by default with a clean profile VERIFIED FIXED
1247611 [Mac OS X][e10s] Various black artifacts and flickering when drag&drop WebGL content VERIFIED FIXED

12 Total; 3 Open (25%); 6 Resolved (50%); 3 Verified (25%);

Branch Bug Fix Verifications

No results.

0 Total; 0 Open (0%); 0 Resolved (0%); 0 Verified (0%);

Status tags

  • [NOT STARTED] - {{mnotstarted}} - little or no work has started on this task
  • [ON TRACK] - {{mok}} - task is actively being worked on and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [DONE] - {{mdone}} - task is completed and those assigned feel comfortable and confident in the quality of the build.
  • [AT RISK] - {{mrisk}}- blocking bug / high number of bugs / other confidence-shakers makes us feel not comfortable with the quality of the build.
  • [IN PROGRESS] - {{mprog}} - actively being tested on
  • [INVESTIGATION NEEDED] - {{minvest}} - more investigation needed