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Mozilla products (Firefox, Firefox for mobile, and Thunderbird) are built from branches of the Mozilla codebase. These branches are supported differentially by our build, test and release engineering infrastructure according to the following descriptions:

Supported Product Branch

Supported Product Release Branches

  • mozilla-release - builds Firefox
  • comm-release - builds Thunderbird
  • mozilla-esr60 - builds Firefox ESR 60

Official Development/Testing Branches

  • mozilla-central - builds Firefox Nightlies
  • mozilla-aurora - builds Firefox Aurora
  • mozilla-beta - builds Firefox Beta
  • comm-central- builds Thunderbird Nightlies
  • comm-aurora - builds Thunderbird Aurora
  • comm-beta - builds Thunderbird Beta

Active Tier-1 Development/Integration Branches: branches that are actively merged to the official development branches

Active Experimental/Project Branches: used for new work that may or may not be merged into the official development branches at some future point

Unofficial Testing Branches

  • profiling - automated mozilla-central (Nightly) builds plus profiling support

Unsupported Product Branches: old releases, no longer supported

  • mozilla-1.9.2 - built Firefox 3.6.x
  • comm-1.9.2 - built Thunderbird 3.1.x
  • all others