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Test Plan for Thunderbird


  • Code freeze:
  • Builds start:
  • QA starts:
    • Smoketests:
    • BFTs:
    • l10n Testing:
  • Release to beta channel:
    • Betatest Channel Testing:
    • Beta Channel Testing:
  • Final Release:
    • Releasetest & Release Update Testing:


  • Abillings
  • JuanB
  • _Tsk_

Build Details


Testing Results

RC Status
Smoketests BFTs l10n
Thunderbird Build 1 Team PASS Team PASS Team PASS

Testing Details


Bug Verifications

When you verify the bug is fixed:

  • If you test on Trunk, resolve it as VERIFIED FIXED
  • If you test on 1.8.1.x branch, replace the fixed1.8.1.23 keyword with verified1.8.1.23

Branch Bugs


  • If you don't see an easy way to verify or need further clarification add a comment to the bug or add "[needs testcase]" (without quotes) to the bug's Status Whiteboard.

Bugs Found during testing: