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Until we're about to ship this page will serve as a spot to put down a rough checklist of what needs to be done to ship.

Release Engineers

gozer, jhopkins


Generate major update

# ssh cltbld@momo-build-adm-01
$> cd /home/cltbld/patcher/mozilla/tools/patcher
# Edit the appropriate patcher-config/*.cfg file.
# - Change the http:// paths between <current-update>.
# - Paste in the <release 3.1> tag (adjust for the version you are releasing)
#   Note: copy from one of the other files and replace  <x.y.z> tag with <release> tag
# - Edit the "from=" and "to=" values as needed.

# Download .mar files locally (choose one)
# TB 3.1.x
$> ./ --download --app=thunderbird --config=../patcher-configs/moz192-thunderbird-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg
# TB 3.0.x
$> ./ --download --app=thunderbird --config=../patcher-configs/moz19-thunderbird-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg
# TB 2.x
$> ./ --download --app=thunderbird --config=../patcher-configs/moz19-thunderbird-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg

# Create magic symlink(s) before generating snippets
# FIXME - patcher needs to see that the MARs that it thinks are partials
#             are there or else it will not attempt to generate patchinfo
$> cd temp/thunderbird
$> ln -s 3.1
$> ln -s 3.1 3.0.5-3.1
$> cd ../..

# Create partial patches and snippets for 3.0.x / mozilla-1.9.1
$> ./ --create-patches --app=thunderbird --config=patcher-configs/moz19-thunderbird-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg

# tar things up
$> cd temp/thunderbird
$> cd 3.0.6-3.1.1 # symlink made earlier
$> mv aus2 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU
$> mv aus2.test 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU-test
$> tar cvzf 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU.tgz 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU
$> tar cvzf 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU-test.tgz 20100716-Thunderbird-3.0.6-3.1.1-MU-test
# Create partial patches and snippets for 3.1.x / mozilla-1.9.2
$> ./ --create-patches --app=thunderbird --config=patcher-configs/moz192-thunderbird-branch-major-update-patcher2.cfg
# tar things up (see above)

Quick verify

$ cd temp/thunderbird/
$ ~/bin/patch-quick-verify

Push 2.x to AUS

$ scp *.tgz someplace@accessible-from-mpt-vpn
$ ssh
$ cd tmp
$ rm *
$ wget files_from_someplace
$ scp -i ~/.ssh/cltbld_dsa *.tgz
$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/cltbld_dsa
$ cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging
$ tar zxvf 20100916-Thunderbird-xyz.tar.gz

Push 3.x to AUS

cp -i *.tgz /opt/aus/snippets/staging/ cd /opt/aus/snippets/staging/ tar zxvf something-test.tgz pushsnip something

Enable test snippets

# cltbld@aus2-staging
$> ~/bin/backupsnip 20091206-Thunderbird-
$> ~/bin/pushsnip   20091206-Thunderbird-
$> ~/bin/pushsnip   20100622-Thunderbird-3.0.5-3.1-MU-test

Attach CVS patch to Bug

eg. Bug 579142

Attach a patch (cvs diff -u) and request review from a colleague.

Once reviewed, submit the patch to CVS.

Send a notification email

Let people know what's been done. Note: this is a wide list so keep traffic low.

Subj: Thunderbird => 3.1.1 Major Update available in test channels"

Thunderbird => 3.1.1 Major Update available in betatest and releasetest channels, unthrottled.

Message #tb-qa and #tbdrivers on IRC.