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Thunderbird 3.1b2


  • Overall lead: Standard8
  • Web pages lead: rebron
  • Release notes lead: rebron
  • Build lead: gozer
  • QA lead: _Tsk_
  • l10n lead: sipaq



The following schedule assumes no significant issues between beta start and final release.

  • String/code freeze date: Tuesday 20th April <-- 3.1 string/feature freeze!
  • l10n-mozilla-1.9.2 freeze date: Thursday 29th April
  • Switch to comm-1.9.2 branch: Friday 29th April
  • Build/relbranch date: Friday 29th April
  • Ship date: Wednesday 5th May. (may slip if we can't get compact headers and folder pane counts updated to work with 3.1 b2 in time)

Bug Queries

See 3.1 Branch tracking page

Significant Notes

Build 2 Revisions

Build 1 Revisions