Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-07-08

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Meeting Details

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Release duty

  • last week: hwine
  • this week: bhearsum

FF 31.0b6 dt & fen notes

  • build 1 started early by relman, aborted
    • Nick handled, but where do we have "how to abort all" documented?
    • bug 984888 already open for bouncer update issues on 2nd runs
  • build 2 disk space issues

FF 31.0b7 dt only notes

  • Nick handled, bug 1034535 filed for trailing spaces in release runner.

Firefox/Fennec 31.0b8

  • Lots of retries due to out of disk space on Linux slaves

action items

  • releases are coming, including ESR


  • (aki) merge-day shadow
  • (hwine) revisit "release duty" with new time zone shifts for "normal" betas?
    • some of last week was pto/holiday related, but...
    • maybe do gist-with-checklist for each normal beta as coordination point?