Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-07-22

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Meeting Details

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Release duty

  • last week: None
  • this week: None

Firefox 31.0 (nthomas)

Notes are at Releases/Firefox_31.0/BuildNotes. Some issues with 500s during update verify from stage.m.o. Unknown issue with mac/af/30.0 partial, will investigate.

Firefox 31.0 ESR (mgerva)

Firefox 24.7.0 ESR (mgerva)

Firefox/Fennec 32.0b1 (mgerva/bhearsum)

  • Fennec had a mozconfig comparison issue - bug 1042078
    • We hit this last time, fix wasn't ported to nightly/aurora. Now it is.
    • Fixing bug 885154 will permanently eliminate mozconfig comparison issues at crunch time.
  • Firefox's shipped-locales was missing a new locale - bug 1042054
    • l10n team error, they fixed, things went fine afterwards
  • Firefox tagging failed - the push for the "vi" locale repo hung.
  • Errors sat for ~5h before they were looked at. This is partly because things were kicked off at an awkward time for us, coverage-wise, but the errors that were raised were only sent to us, even though RelMan could've attempted to fix them on their own. I filed bug 1042056 for this.

Thunderbird 24.7.0 (rail)

Thunderbird 31.0 (rail)

action items


  • (bhearsum) handoffs for higher priority releases
  • (bhearsum) Do we do RC -> beta 1 partials?
  • (rail) What we need to automate RC generation?