Releases:Release Post Mortem:2014-10-14

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Meeting Details

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Release Duty

  • two weeks ago: rail
  • last week and rest of quarter: nthomas & mgerva

Firefox 33.0b9 (rail)

Fennec 33.0b10 (releaseduty)

  • phx1 network issues, couldn't reach symbolpush.m.o bug 1078820 (now resolved)
    • workaround by pointing directly at box instead of zlb bug 1079004

Firefox 31.2.0 esr (nthomas, notes)

Thunderbird 31.2.0 (mgerva)

build 1

  • linux/linux64 build step failed:
    • nthomas: The thunderbird/candidates/24.6.0-candidates/build3/update/ directory was reaped a couple of days ago during a clean up. I've symlinked it back to thunderbird/releases/24.6.0/update/ and rerun this builder.
  • uploaded to apple

build 2

  • uploaded to apple
  • pushed to mirrors

Firefox 33.0 (nthomas, notes)

Firefox & Fennec 34.0b1

  • Fennec l10n busted by not having java 1.7 (sdk upgrade rode the train), fix
  • source bundles too big to gpg sign, bug 1082447
  • bug 1081031, xulrunner_macosx64 fails
  • push to apple on hold: not clear if we still need it. We don't need it, confirmed by lmandel

Action items

Most Wanted bugs


  • push to apple step is obsolete for beta, still needed for 33.*