Releases:Release Post Mortem:2015-03-31

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Firefox 37.0

  • Hit a couple of issues with work from bug 1105485:
    • One of the updates builder lost a push race in build 1
    • Uptake monitoring broke, causing some jobs not to fire automatically
  • Manual, semi-planned respin of "tr" locale
  • Manual set-up of whatsnew page
  • Manual push live, because of whatsnew page configuration
  • Fennec was missing the "my" locale

Firefox 31.6.0

  • Lots of timeouts, otherwise fine.

Firefox 38.0b1

  • cdntest/final verify didn't fire automatically because they were looking for a non-existant 37.0 -> 38.0b1 win64 partial
    • Rare edge case because we have different platforms on beta vs. release. Not worth fixing automation for.
  • Fennec mozconfig comparison failed

Thunderbird 31.6.0

100% smooth