Releases:Release Post Mortem:2015-05-26

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Release Duty

  • 39.x - rail

Firefox 39.0b1 (rail)

  • build1 is a QA-only build, and won't be shipped to beta users.
  • automatic push to mirrors was disabled for build1 to make build2 easier

Fennec 38.0.5b4 (hwine+rail)

  • Android L10N repacks pulled from mozilla-beta instead of mozilla-release

Firefox 38.0.5

  • Issues with beta channel getting disabled due to 38.0.5 not being considered a "final" release
    • Might be able to adjust the isFinalRelease logic to fix this
    • Can we always enable beta channel for mozilla-release releases?
  • Final verify errors on beta-cdntest due to interaction of very quick uptake check + TTL on blob caching

Round Table

  • 40.0 owner