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Release Duty

  • FF 46 cycle: kmoir



Firefox 46.0build4

rail shakes his fist at BBB
2:28 PM <rail> so far 15 unscheduled tasks :/
2:32 PM <kmoir> rail: can I help? Was in interview for last hour, didn't look at releases for a while.
2:33 PM <rail> kmoir: I poked them already. My workflow was something like this:
2:33 PM <rail> 1) find scheduled but still pending l10n repacks
2:34 PM <rail> 2) grep tclistener.log files for those task IDs and see if they were scheduled for reals
2:35 PM <rail> 3) cancel unscheduled tasks in TC using tctalker
2:35 PM <rail> 3) rerun unscheduled tasks in TC using tctalker
2:35 PM <rail> that was 4) 
2:35 PM <rail> 5) verify that they are scheduled in tclistener.log

Firefox 46.0


Fennec 46.0

Issues bug 1266822 fennec 46.0build1 source build failed. source_mozconfig entries were missing on fennec release configs

Firefox 38.8.0esr


  • repack_7/10 failed for Firefox 38.8.0esr build1 on win32 timed out, running again

Firefox 45.1.0esr

Firefox 47.0b1

Fennec 47.0b1

Not Shipped

Fennec 46.0b13



  • [mtabara] does it make sense to have a "No-Upload" rule in Balrog for each product/channel, separately from the global 'Global shut off' in order to simplify the please-shut-of-productX-channelY-updates scenarios?

-Mihai will talk to Ben

Action items