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Dec 08 update: See the engagement wiki page for the latest on user engagement and retention.

2007 page:

In order for Firefox to reach our market share goals, we need to improve our ability to retain users. Please review plan to improve our retention below (the plan is a work in progress). This plan is public to all as we are looking for feedback and people who want to help out.

Currently, approximately 50% of the people who download Firefox actually try it and about 50% of those people continue to use it actively. This presents an incredible opportunity for us.

Small retention opp.png

(Note that Active Daily Users is an estimate of the number of users who are using Firefox on a daily basis. We are guesstimating that monthly unique users are 3x to 4x this number, or roughly 100M as of July 2007, representing 15% to 20% of Web usage globally.)

Some challenges we face

What's a browser?

  • What makes a browser different from another?
  • Isn't "the Internet" the blue e icon on my desktop?

What's Firefox?

  • Why should I use Firefox?
  • What makes a browser different from another?

Where's Firefox?

  • What's that icon on my desktop?
  • Where do I click to get Firefox back?
  • Why didn't Firefox start when I clicked a link from my email?

After a public brainstorm, Mike Beltzner and JT Batson developed Firefox's 12 point retention plan. See the .pdf of our draft presentation (note things have changed). To get involved, or to give feedback, please contact jt at mozilla dot com.

Firefox Retention 12 point plan

1. Change Firefox icon label to closer resemble action of getting to web Slide examples

  • Project Coordinator: Mike Beltzner

2. Force the Firefox icon to easier to find location Slide examples

  • Project Coordinator: Mike Beltzner
  • Lead: Jim Mathies

3. Alter the default browser settings path for better user choice Current method slide Proposed method slide

  • Project Coordinator: Mike Beltzner
  • Lead: Rob Strong

Being tracked in (bug 392137). Comments on Discussion page.

4. Major outbound brand marketing program driving brand recognition and differentiation

  • Project Owner: David R. and John Slater

5. Improve download page and first run pages Slide example 1 Slide example 2

  • Project Owners: David and John
  • New download and first run pages to be live in en-US by end of August.

6. Launch SUMO

  • Project Owners: David Tenser

7. Make common plug-ins work out of the box

  • Project Owner: ss
  • Development Lead: dmose

8. Make add-ons and personas more accessible

  • Project Owner: cbeard and Basil

9. Make the web feel more human Slide example

  • Project Owner: Beltzner

10. Improve messaging through communication channels

  • Project Owner: John Slater

11. Stickier start page

  • Project Manager: Cbeard

12. Explore Changing the Firefox icon image to closer resemble the action of getting to web

  • Please note that this is different than #1. #1 refers to the icon label, which is currently "Mozilla Firefox." #12 refers to changing the actual image.