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This page describes the work items required to implement Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) as the installer for Firefox on Win32 operating systems. The beltzner specification will be the guiding document for creating the installer. As with any major changes such as this there may be significant fallout from it and the sooner it is done the more time we will have to iron out any problems that arise.

Major Tasks


The current functionality will be implemented using NSIS and unresolved bugs reviewed for the low hanging fruit that can be easily picked due to using NSIS.
Time estimate: 30-40 hours. I expect this to be done by no later than the first week of February.
The installer must have the ability to allow redistribution of a release by third parties with minimal effort
Time estimate: 10-20 hours. This will be ongoing through this project and will be taken into consideration in all phases.
Stub installer
Time estimate: 10-20 hours. Much of this work has been done already but it needs to be modified to address our own distribution.
Quality Assurance
Time estimate: 30-40 hours. This will include recommended test plans for QA.

Build System

Official builds of Firefox installer with NSIS
Time estimate: 10-20 hours. I expect this to be done by no later than the end of February.