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Attended: Anurag, Chrissie, Tantek (irc:tantek), Anthony Ricaud, Laura Forrest

Agenda to Discuss:

  • Mission of group
  • Quick Intros - What's your name? What area of SEO are you interested in?
  • What skills does our community need more of?
  • Maybe pick a locale, for example France, and localize best practices SEO. Start internally on our own sites. Optimize Russian locale for Yandex, etc (Chrissie)
  • Fold this out as part of the landing page localization
  • What resources can we provide to help?
  • Merge: What should we do post-merge to monitor 404 error changes? (Chrissie for Anurag, who has some ideas). We do have a way to monitor 404 errors in real-time.

Meeting Notes
Two goals:
1. Help our own SEO
2. Be a good example of how to do good SEO
MDN rankings could improve
1. MDN - would u like some 404/503 or other status code stats on daily basis or do u already have that data via webtrends?
2. top keyword analysis (i think webtrends already does this).

How do we get DevMo to beat W3CSchools' obsolete documentation?
Help with modern semantic markup standards - adoption thereof.
And also cutting of obsolete/ineffecive methods - "meta-bloat" (meta keywords etc.)

-error logs (24 hour delay) <--this can be reduced to 1-2hrs.
-file bug anurag

Folks to add to Mozilla@SEO Alias :

  • Carmen
  • Chrissie
  • Rik
  • Tantek
  • Choffmann

See also:

Next Time & Next Actions:

  • Optimizing for Mobile accesibility
  • Platform change - what that means for SEO
  • Follow up on action items from this meeting
  • Add the list above to teh SEO alias
  • Laura to email Jay about updating info related to W3C Schools within /seo wiki
  • Laura to add list of people above to SEO alias