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Superheroes Wanted!

We are an amazing volunteer-driven support community dedicated to helping people get the most out of Firefox and we are always looking for contributors who would like to help, whether it's for a specific release or on an ongoing basis.

General Information

Contributors to SUMO serve at multiple levels:

Help teach and lead the project.

  • Fulfill the duties of your leadership role as outlined in the policies below.
  • Commitment of at least two years.
  • Regularly attend Weekly SUMO meetings.
  • Keep the project lead informed of what is happening within your project.
  • Mentor new active contributors.

Rewards: Mozilla-sponsored events and schwag.

Do your task regularly.

  • Fulfill the duties of your position as outlined in the policies below.
  • Commitment of at least one year.
  • Attend at least one Weekly SUMO meeting per quarter.
  • Let your coordinator know if you have a change in circumstances that is impeding your ability to contribute.

Rewards: Mozilla-sponsored events and schwag.

Socialize and help people.

  • Have installed Firefox
  • Know where the knowledge base is
  • No long-term comittment
  • Register on SUMO


Mental model could be a set of circles, to show that we are all fulfilling multiple roles at once.

  • KB
  • Forum
  • Feedback
  • Community

Project Lead - responsible for overall SUMO project strategy and communicating support goals and status across all groups

Forum Coordinator - responsible for coordinating and supporting forum moderators.

Forum Moderator - responsible for moderating SUMO forum one day per week, according to published calendar and notifying Project Lead of issues that need resolution

Forum Contributor - responsible for answering SUMO forum questions and notifying support coordinator if you are unable to contribute

Army of Awesome Contributor - responsible for responding to tweets about firefox on twitter.

KB Editor - responsible for editing knowledge base articles on the SUMO wiki to stay in sync with flight tracking pages for products and create new articles for new features

KB Reviewer - responsible for editing, reviewing and approving or deferring edits to SUMO articles

SUMO Content Manager - responsible for goals for SUMO content, editing and reviewing content, marking articles ready for L10n and driving Firefox product improvements

Support Coordinator - responsible for goals and user feedback for a product area and driving strategy for support for that product engineering team

Community Manager - responsible for driving goals for community development and coordinating localization teams

Community On-ramp Coordinator - responsible for helping new contributors find an area of SUMO where they want to work, connecting them with contacts and supporting them as they get started.

Website Lead - responsible for overall SUMO web site strategy and communicating website goals and status across all groups

L10N Lead - responsible for coordinating SUMO translations

Feedback Support - responsible for gathering user feedback from support and input request to get a sense of issues and putting into a quantifiable report. Work with support coordinator and QA to get details on specific issues.

Feedback Localizer - responsible for collecting all feedback that comes in a non-English language and reporting it to the support coordinator for that project.


We ask our members to commit to helping with SUMO for at least one year. We welcome each contributor to join us for one in-person event or summit funded by Mozilla, and to attend at least one SUMO weekly meeting per quarter.

Of course, if at any time you are unable to fulfill your role on the team, send email to the [community manager] to let them know, so we can ensure that all tasks are still competed in a timely manner.

We are an open source project and we strive to communicate all of our plans and goals effectively. We publish new project goals and plans for each quarter [here].

We have a distributed decision-making model for the SUMO project, so that all members know whom to contact for any issues that require resolution, as follows:

Escalation Paths

Jay Sullivan - Mozilla Steering Committee Rep.


David Tenser (djst) SUMO Project Lead -- James Socol (jsocol) SUMO Website Lead


  • cww: desktop support coordinator; [metrics spreadsheet] [metrics spreadsheet]
  • zzxc: live chat coordinator; [live chat schedule] [contributors]
  • topal: kitsune and community project coordinator; [PRD][localizers group]
  • verdi: SUMO content manager; [KB editors group] [blog]
  • ibai: services support coordinator; [plan] [report]
  • michelleluna: mobile support coordinator; [meetup]
  • rbillings: SUMO QA and bug triage support; [1]
  •  : KB reviewer
  •  : KB reviewer
  • : forum moderator
  • : forum moderator
  • : forum moderator
  • [localization leads]