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How a SVG file should open

Shame SVG is not activated by default on version 3.0.1.

In the least, when a SVG file is opened, what should be displayed is the dialog shown below (between horizontal lines) rather than the current one:

You have chosen to open oneSVGfile.svg which is a: SVG Document

from: \...\...\file_referring_oneSVGfile.html

What should Firefox do with this file?

- Allow Firefox to activate its SVG ability permanently and interpret the file immediately. (default choice, i.e. this radio button is first in list and activated):

- Allow Firefox, this time only, to activate its SVG ability and interpret the file immediately.

- Open with ...

- Save File

This way, as webmasters, we don't have to invite the visitor to manipulate the complicated about:config page. THIS IS AN EASY CORRECTION AND AN URGENTLY NEEDED ONE, because SVG is starting to be used for plain web sites (I am designing such one). SVG adds spectacular functionalities and quality to them. SVG ability will bring more web enthusiasts to using Firefox if SVG is a powerful and ready-to-use option.