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Mozilla science lab logo-icon.jpg Mozilla Science Lab
Owner: Stephanie Wright Years Active: 2013-2018 Updated: 2022-08-2
The Mozilla Science Lab was an initiative of the Mozilla Foundation from 2013 - 2018. We explored how the power of open source could change the way science was done on the web. We operated under the belief that a community of peers that work, learn and build together could make research thrive on the open web. We did this through sprints, participatory learning, and prototyping with the research community to make science more like the web: open, collaborative and efficient. If you’re interested in Mozilla’s continuing efforts around open science, please visit the Mozilla Festival website at


Global Sprint

Mozilla’s Global Sprint was an annual fun, two-day collaborative global hackathon. A diverse network of educators, engineers, artists, scientists, and many others come together in person and online to build projects for a healthy Internet. #MozSprint

Open Data Guides

The primers were designed to for you to read at your own pace and pick and choose the topics you want to read concerning open data. The Instructor guides are a resource for train-the-trainer type materials on Open Data. They are meant to provide a series of approachable, fun, collaborative workshops where each of the modules is interactive and customizable to meet a variety of audiences.

Open Leadership

Resources on working openly and leading openly (#WOLO)

Study Groups

Study Groups were started in 2015 as a way for folks to hold informal spaces to hangout and learn from each other about coding in the lab.

Publications & Communications


14 June 2013 - The Mozilla Science Lab (MSL) is open for business!

Aug 2013 - MSL starts up the Code Review pilot with PLOS Computational Biology

Nov 2013 - The Lab begins Community Calls and participates in its first Mozilla Festival

Dec 2013 - MSL partners with GitHub and figshare to launch "Code as a Research Object".

May 2014 - The first Data Carpentry workshop takes place.

July 2014 - The Science Lab runs its first annual Global Sprint.

Oct 2014 - Software Carpentry leaves the Mozilla Science Lab to become the Software Carpentry Foundation.

Nov 2014 - Contributorship Badges project takes off.

Mar 2015 - MSL releases Collaborate, a community portal for open science projects.

Apr 2015 - Mozilla Science Study Groups are introduced.

Jun 2015 - Applications open for the first cohort of Mozilla Fellows for Open Science.

Sep 2015 - The Lab holds the Open Science Leadership Summit at the Mozilla Toronto office.

Nov 2015 - MSL adds to its regular monthly community calls with Project Calls

Feb 2016 - The first Working Open Workshop is held in Berlin and the start of our first Open Leadership Training Cohort.

Oct 2016 - The Mozilla Science Lab Book Club is formed.

Mar 2017 - MSL opens enrollment to Open Leadership 101.

May 2017 - The Lab opens the call for proposals for the Mozilla Science Mini Grants program.

Jul 2018 - The Science Lab publishes the Open Data Instructor Guides and Open Data Primers.

Sep 2018 - The Mozilla Science Lab program is sunsetted and its programs are folded into other Foundation programs and partner organizations.


The Mozilla Science Lab was supported over the years by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, the Helmsley Charitable Trust, and the Siegel Family Endowment.



This work by the Mozilla Science Lab is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.