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This page has been superseded by SeaMonkey/AddonCompat which also covers SeaMonkey versions beyond 2.1. Once all contents on this page have been moved, this page will be replaced by a redirect.

Recent Changes to This Page

Please add what you did here (latest first, max. three visible entries, max. one entry per day and contributor).

  • 2011-09-07 tonymec added about:startup and tabstats (hosted versions with modified install.rdf under "External Sources")
  • 2011-09-03 InvisibleSmiley moved Slim Add-ons Manager to AMO section
  • 2011-08-16 (Stanio) Added Secure Login under "External Sources".

General Notes

  • Since this is a Wiki page, anyone with an account can modify it. If you have need an add-on being checked, please add it to the Discussion page instead of this one. Thanks!
  • For each add-on, only the basic functionality has been checked.
  • Please don't make the below a table. The goal is to have this as short and easily editable as possible.
  • "AMO" means "xsidebar site" includes: modified / modifiedmisc / modifiedmailnews
  • Please do not add very seldom-used add-ons, themes, dictionaries etc.
  • Please double-check your findings before adding to any of the below lists.
  • When adding add-ons, please check for versions in this order:
    1. AMO (including experimental ones)
    2. external sources (versions that work without modifications)
    3. AMO versions that only need a compatibility override
    4. other versions that only need a compatibility override
    5. any versions that need SeaMonkey added to install.rdf
  • Add-ons might be listed as "compatible" at AMO. For many such add-ons, however, AMO sends a compatibility override signal to the Add-ons Manager in your browser. In such cases, the install.rdf file has not been updated. Thus, affected add-ons cannot be installed unless either an Internet connection exists or the Add-on Compatibility Reporter extension is installed and enabled. Please list such add-ons under "Needs Compatibility Override".


Please list only names.

  • Bookmark Indicator
  • Firefox Sync
  • Flat Bookmark Editing
  • NoSquint
  • Resizeable Textareas
  • Tab Scroll Wheel
  • Tabs Open Relative


Please list only names (except experimental versions), since versions may change.

  • Adblock Plus
  • Add-on Compatibility Reporter
  • BBCodeXtra
  • Better Privacy
  • Character Palette
  • ChatZilla
  • CheckPlaces
  • Classic Firefox theme
  • CookieSafe (FF 4 compatible)
  • Custom Buttons
  • Dictionary Switcher
  • DOM Inspector
  • EarlyBlue theme
  • Enigmail
  • Event Spy
  • Extension Options Menu
  • FiltaQuilla
  • Find Preferences
  • Flagfox
  • FlashGot
  • Flash Resizer
  • FolderFlags
  • Folderpane Tools
  • Form History Control
  • FoxyProxy
  • IE Tab + (Windows only)
  • Jökulsárlón Download Manager
  • Key Manager
  • Launchy
  • LCARStrek theme
  • Lightning
  • Linky
  • Live HTTP headers
  • Mailbox Alert
  • MailNews Status Icons
  • Nightly Tester Tools
  • NoScript
  • OpenDownload² 3.1.0 [experimental]
  • Open in Browser
  • PrefBar
  • Preserve Download Modification Timestamp
  • Provider for Google Calendar
  • QuickFolders
  • ReminderFox
  • Restartless Restart
  • Saved Password Editor
  • Scriptish 0.1.3
  • Session Manager
  • Show Password On Input [for master password]
  • Slim Add-Ons Manager
  • SmoothWheel (AMO)
  • Stylish
  • SQLite Manager
  • Tinderstatus
  • Toggle Word Wrap
  • Video DownloadHelper

External Sources

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info).

Needs Compatibility Override

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info). Please check AMO for experimental versions before adding to this list. Tip: Install the Add-on Compatibility Reporter (see above) in order to install any of the below without hassle and inform the add-on author that they still work with SeaMonkey 2.1.

  • Auto Pager [from AMO]
  • Bugmail 1.6.1 [from AMO]
  • ColorfulTabs [from AMO]
  • Console² 0.7 [from AMO]
  • Context Highlight 0.3.1 [from xsidebar site]
  • Duplicate Contact Manager 1.2 [from xsidebar site (Thunderbird mod)]
  • Duplicate Tab 1.0.2 [from AMO]
  • Duplicate This Tab 1.2 [from AMO]
  • Firecookie 1.2.1 [from AMO; requires Firebug]
  • Forecastfox Weather 2.0.2 [from AMO]
  • Fullerscreen 2.3.3 [from xsidebar site]
  • IE Tab Plus [from AMO]
  • Image Zoom 0.4.6 [AMO]
  • Mnenhy 0.8.4pre3 [unofficial beta version, ask the author]
  • mozImage 1.4.5 [from xsidebar site]
  • Nostalgy 0.2.26 [from AMO]
  • Novell Moonlight [from]
  • Password Exporter 1.2.1 [from AMO, see Password Exporter 1.2.1 under "External Sources" (same version number already compatible with SM 2.1)]
  • QuoteCollapse 0.8 (from AMO)
  • Remove It Permanently [xsidebar site]
  • Show my Password 2.0 (for login passwords, from AMO)
  • ShowIP 1.0 (from AMO)
  • Signature [from xsidebar site]
  • Tab Clicking Options 0.6.9 [from AMO]
  • Tabs Menu 1.8.4 [from AMO]
  • Theme Font & Size Changer [from AMO]
  • text/plain [from AMO]
  • User Agent Switcher 0.7.3 [from AMO]
  • Web Developer 1.1.9 [from AMO; View Source with external app doesn't work]
  • UrlParams 3.0.1 [from]

Needs Addition to install.rdf

Please list name, version and source (plus extra info). See Extensions support in SeaMonkey 2 for an example.

  • HTML Validator [from; author says next 0.9 update will be compatible, but maybe Windows-only; and since extensions like this one (with binary libraries used over XPCOM) must now be recompiled every six weeks even if the only change in the used interface is in the "paperwork" –the XPCOM version number–, support might be dropped altogether for lack of developer time]
  • Back to Top 5.3.2 [from Firefox AMO]
  • Bugzilla Helper 0.4.3 [from AMO]
  • Dominant Color 7 [from Firefox AMO] restartless
  • Extension Developer [from AMO]
  • Google Redesigned 0.7 [from AMO]
  • SendVia [from AMO]
  • Signature Switch 1.6.7 [from Thunderbird AMO for Mail/News]

Not Yet Working

Please list name and reason.

  • MailNews Sync [needs adaptations to new add-on module handling and/or Sync changes; abandoned by author]
  • Menu Editor
  • Orbit 3+1 theme [maintainer time constraints]
  • xSidebar [maintainer time constraints]