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If at first glance this page seems tl;dr to you, then at least skim it. There's bound to be something that'll catch your attention.

Where? When? What?

  • This Bug Event has been unofficially nicknamed Operation Nugzilla.
  • Channel #bugday on If you are browsing this page with SeaMonkey, clicking the link will open that channel in ChatZilla. If you want to use a different IRC client, connect to or (for IRC over SSL) ircs:// then type /join #bugday
  • 18 to 20 may 2011, 12:00 - 22:00 GMT, which means among others:
    • 05:00 - 15:00 USA West Coast (PDT = "Mozilla HQ time")
    • 08:00 - 18:00 USA East Coast
    • 13:00 - 23:00 Great Britain, Ireland, Portugal, etc.
    • 14:00 - 24:00 most of the European Union
    • 15:00 - 01:00* Finland, Greece etc.
    • 16:00 - 02:00* Moscow etc.
    • 20:00 - 06:00* Hong Kong, Singapore, Myanmar etc.
    • 21:00 - 07:00* Japan etc. (I think)
(Starred times are, of course, on the next day.)
Participants don't have to be there for the full session: if it starts too early for you, or ends too late, it's OK to be there only part of the time.
  • Since the main focus of SeaMonkey development is currently on the 2.1 branch, we will be testing that, and not the "bleeding-edge" SeaMonkey 2.2a1pre. However, since the SeaMonkey 2.1 release build (which is not yet released as I'm writing this but will probably be shortly before the Bug Event) will probably not include the "Debug" and "QA" menus, we recommend that testers use a nightly build from the SeaMonkey 2.1 branch (see below), where these menus will be available. The recent SeaMonkey 2.1 nightlies available during the BugEvent will probably differ very little from the 2.1 release.

Before you start

Make sure you have a Bugzilla account with Mozilla

Install the latest SeaMonkey 2.1 nightly

  • Browse to (for menus and messages in USA English) or (for menus and messages in other languages) then download and install the build corresponding to your OS and language. Installation instructions are found at may want to install this test version in a different directory than your "usual" SeaMonkey.
    • The available Mac builds support 32- or 64-bit Intel Macs equipped with Mac OS X 10.5 or later. 10.4 or earlier is not supported anymore, and neither are Power-PC machines.
    • Linux 64-bit builds are available but they are regarded as "experimental".
    • For Windows, only 32-bit versions of SeaMonkey are available at this time. They ought to run correctly on both 32- and 64-bit machines equipped with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.
    • For detailed software and hardware requirements, see
  • Before you start this new build, make sure that no other version of SeaMonkey is running. If you closed another instance of SeaMonkey a few minutes ago, it could still be busy closing down, even if all its windows have already disappeared. Check with the Windows Task Manager, KDE System Guard, the Gnome System Monitor, or (on Unix-like systems) the command-line ps utility, that there is no running process named seamonkey.exe, seamonkey-bin or — and if there is, wait some more until they go away.
  • Run this new build in a new profile.

If you don't want to install SeaMonkey 2.1

…then if you have EDITBUGS permissions to, you can still help triage SeaMonkey::General bugs by moving them where they belong (see below).

The testing proper

In general

We want to find, confirm and triage bugs in SeaMonkey 2.1; below are a few ideas about that. In any case,

  • please add [SmBugEvent] to the Whiteboard of any bug that you modify during the event. The possible other Whiteboard entries listed below may, if appropriate, be added in addition to this general whiteboard entry (not instead of it).
  • Of course, if you find bugs that can immediately be RESOLVED, by all means do so. Here is a short (and approximate) summary of what the possible resolutions mean:
    • DUPLICATE: this bug is a duplicate of an older or better-documented bug
    • INVALID: this bug either describes expected behaviour, or concerns a real error but not in Mozilla code (e.g. an OS bug, a plugin bug, an extension bug, …)
    • INCOMPLETE: the reporter has been asked for more information, and hasn't replied within a reasonable time frame
    • WONTFIX: this bug is a real bug, but it has been officially decided that it will NOT be fixed.
    • WORKSFORME: the bug has disappeared, but we don't know exactly what fixed it.
    • FIXED: the bug has been fixed on the trunk, and we know exactly which Mercurial changeset fixed it.
      • When a trunk fix is ported to a branch, the fact is mentioned (for recent branches) by a "status-<something>" flag in the top right part of the bug page, or else by a whiteboard entry.
  • If you cannot immediately resolve the bug, the following Whiteboard entries can be used to put them on the radar for resolution at a later time:
    • DUPEME: you remember having seen a bug, of which this one was a duplicate; but you cannot find the original bug back.
    • [CLOSEME 2011-07-01 INCO] for bugs to be resolved INCOMPLETE if the reporter doesn't answer a question that you asked during the Bug Event
    • [CLOSEME 2011-07-01 WFM] for bugs to be resolved WORKSFORME if no-one can both reproduce it on a recent build (2.1 or later), and say in a bug comment that he did.
    • [CLOSEME INVA/WONT?] for bugs which might possibly reflect "not a Mozilla bug" or "expected behaviour" (both INVALID), or "not worth fixing" (WONTFIX).
      • Only an Owner or Peer for the relevant code module may resolve a bug WONTFIX, so if you request a WONTFIX you will also have to bring the bug to the attention of at least one of these people. Here is where to find who they are:
        • for SeaMonkey
        • for Mozilla code in general, including not only SeaMonkey but the other Products relevant for SeaMonkey's backends
        • If you're in doubt, this spreadsheet could perhaps help you locate to which Module a given Component belongs. (Or it might not, and some parts of it are probably out-of-date.)
      • The "Bugzilla address of record" of some developers is different from their listed email address. Make sure that you have JavaScript enabled, at least on pages, and use the Bugzilla autocomplete feature to find the right CC address.

Predefined searches

  • SeaMonkey UNCONFIRMED bugs
    • If you can reproduce them, then if you have CANCONFIRM privileges you can set their satus to NEW, and if you don't, you can say on IRC that you can reproduce them and on which hardware and software, so that someone else can change their status with a proper comment.
  • Bugs currently assigned to product "SeaMonkey", component "General"
    • some of these might need triage to a different Product and/or Component
    • Newbie users will file new bugs under SeaMonkey::General; however, most new bugs belong either in a different Component of SeaMonkey, or even in some other Product, most often Core, MailNews Core or Toolkit. Oh, and I almost forgot: bugs in the "built-in extensions" ChatZilla, DOM Inspector and JavaScript Debugger belong in the Other Applications Product (and the latter one in a Component whose name begins with V), a fact which is not very "discoverable".
    • The links under the above bullet are to the list of Components for each of these Products, with for each Component its description in plain English, its default assignee [in most cases] and its default QA contact [in most cases a pseudo email address ending in .bugs, which could be used to watch all bugs for a given component even before "Component Watching" was added to Bugzilla — and still can be now that it is].
  • Reproducible open bugs for SeaMonkey-trunk
    • If there are any (last time I checked, there weren't), you may want to determine whether they also happen with Sm 2.1.

Predefined tests

You will find these in the "Debug" and "QA" menus which are part of the "Debug and QA UI" extension included with nightly builds but not with release builds. I'm not very conversant with these menus but perhaps some or all of the following may be relevant:

  • Debug → Verification → …
  • Debug → Viewer Demos → …
  • Debug → XBL Test Suite → …
  • Debug → XUL Test Suite → …
  • Debug → chofmann's Browser Buster
  • QA → Smoke Tests
  • QA → Pre-checkin Tests

Other tests

We want to find any new bugs that may exist in SeaMonkey 2.1, not only those found by these predefined searches and tests. If you can think of something to test, and the results are not what was expected, then if the bug isn't yet known, you should file a new one. In case of doubt (if you're not sure whether it's a bug or a feature), ask on IRC during the Event.

If you have more questions about this Event before it begins

First, read this page again, more attentively. If you still can't answer your question, try asking in one of the following places:

  • the #seamonkey channel at
    • As always on IRC, don't be afraid to ask your question, and don't get impatient if you aren't answered straightaway. Many IRC old-timers leave their IRC client open while doing something else, and come back later to see if there was a question to which they know the answer. So ask your question then leave your IRC client open while doing something else, perhaps looking for other possible sources of information, checking your mail, etc. If anyone mentions your nickname in the IRC channel, your client will call for attention (e.g. by flashing its taskbar icon).
  • the newsgroup of the news server. This newsgroup is not part of the "public" Usenet groups which might be mirrored by a news server hosted by your ISP. It is available as a Google group.
    • Try to make the Subject of your post as descriptive as possible without being overly long.
  • In both cases, see also How To Ask Questions The Smart Way.


In all bug links below, Bugzilla conventions are adhered to throughout: UNCONFIRMED, NEW or REOPENED, RESOLVED bugs.

The full results as a Bugzilla search

Activity by kinds of bugs

Triaged away to other Products: 19 bugs

SeaMonkey bugs triaged, confirmed or resolved, by Component and Status/Resolution: 98 bugs

Autocomplete 1 1
Build Config 1 1 2
Composer 1 1
Download & File Handler 1 1
General 12 1 20 7 11 1 1 53
Installer 1 1
Location Bar 1 1
MailNews: Backend 1 1 2
MailNews: Composition 1 1
MailNews: General 1 1 2
MailNews: Message Display 1 6 1 5 1 1 15
Preferences 1 1
Session Restore 1 3 4
Sidebar 1 1
Startup & Profiles 3 1 4
Themes 1 1 2
UI Design 1 5 6
Column totals 5 30 3 33 9 14 3 1 98

The tallies in the two above sections include a few changes made immediately after the Event, until Sunday 2011-05-22.

SeaMonkey bugs set up for resolution later: 9 bugs

By triager

We tried to attribute the merit to the triager whose action was most decisive on each particular bug. In therube's case, someone else (mostly Philip Chee) had to mark and/or resolve the bugs for him because he doesn't yet enjoy the necessary Bugzilla privileges. Let's hope he soon will.

1. 41 bugs: Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] (Linux-x86_64) 102984, 219821, 227256, 228646, 230078, 233059, 236828, 240650, 254105, 255660, 256496, 265726, 266317, 266330, 277107,303207, 324624, 334499, 340932, 359127, 367797, 372609, 374346, 387090, 387940, 392676, 393684, 395945, 401552, 409782, 412248, 417049, 439312, 440539, 445654, 452925, 483284, 495679, 537224, 651619, 656262

2. 39 bugs: Philip Chee [:RattyAway] (Windows) 68699, 68894, 68903, 71650, 75888, 76579, 77940, 78377, 80888, 86331, 100242, 183942, 202860, 225789, 228476, 243534, 265693, 290318, 290981, 325438, 327552, 370341, 370342, 399225, 475239, 507558, 573047, 575126, 576652, 578030, 579979, 598028, 601612, 606493, 608076, 609679, 609684, 611948, 658444

3. 25 bugs: therube (Windows) 248261, 320396, 360923, 366649, 369122, 390107, 473669, 504410, 505677, 507557, 510826, 511637, 519746, 524199, 527360, 535973, 538671, 546356, 547523, 556173, 618847, 634105, 645504, 658186, 658280

4. 6 bugs: Ricardo Palomares [:Rickie] (Linux-i686) 63673, 72822, 75308, 83824, 88776, 88777

5. 5 bugs: Aleksej (Linux-x86_64) 364659, 571196, 655330, 657928, 658000

6. 2 bugs: Bruno 'Aqualon' Escherl (Linux-i686, Linux-x86_64) 608459, 608558

6. 2 bugs: Ian Neal [:IanN] (Mac-Intel 32) 158030, 371063

In addition,

  • Robert Kaiser [:KaiRo] and Anthony S. Hughes [:ashughes] were present as lurkers: even if they changed no actual bugs, their presence may have encouraged those who did;
  • lenochod was behind the scenes, doing his regular daily followups to recently filed bugs; and David E. Ross took the trouble of rechecking all his open bugs with SeaMonkey 2.1, resolving several of them WORKSFORME in the process; he also filed some new ones: even if these two did not formally take part in the event, their action is appreciated.