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The schedule is created from the proposals collected earlier. Minor rescheduling can happen during the weekend.

Ongoing, throughout both days, we'll do a SeaMonkey Keysigning Event for GPG key signing and CACert assurance, lead by Mnyromyr and InvisibleSmiley. Please add your GPG key to the event keyring to ease participation! See the Keysigning Party HOWTO for details.


Start Topic Speaker/Lead Type Duration
11:00 Welcome KaiRo 30 min
11:30 Future of SeaMonkey KaiRo Presentation / Discussion 75 min
12:45 Lunch 75 min
14:00 Sync InvisibleSmiley Presentation 60 min
15:00 Mac UI stefanh Presentation 30 min
15:30 Automated Tests sgautherie Presentation 60 min
16:30 Coffee 15 min
16:45 Project Areas KaiRo Discussion 45 min
17:30 Reviews KaiRo Discussion 60 min

Evening: Meet in Lobby at 18:45. Leaving at 19:00. Take U4 and a tram along the Ring to Schottentor, dinner at 20:00 in Restaurant zum Leupold.


Start Topic Speaker/Lead Type Duration
9:20 KaiRo Discussion 30 min
9:50 Organization BenB Presentation / Discussion 60 min
10:50 Coffee 30 min
11:20 Organization BenB Presentation / Discussion 85 min
12:45 Lunch 90 min
14:15 SeaMonkey Council KaiRo Discussion 30 min
14:45 Mercurial Queues Aqualon Presentation 45 min
15:30 Coffee 15 min
15:45 Preferences UI IanN Discussion 30 min
16:15 Messaging Future Mnyromyr Presentation / Discussion 45 min
17:00 Infrastructure Callek, KaiRo Presentation 60 min
TBA Code Porting Ratty Discussion 60 min
TBA UX / UI design KaiRo Discussion 30 min
TBA Marketing KaiRo Discussion 30 min

Hacking Days

Will be loosely ad-hoc-planned by participants.