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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.10 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.9)? (All)


  • Internet Explorer's semicolons are mapped to commas now in the proxies list (bug 448482)
  • The amount of tabs to be restored concurrently can be configured in Preferences now (bug 648683)
  • The new minimum supported Windows version is now XP SP2 (bug 723316), Windows 2000 support has been dropped (bug 730211)
  • The MailNews account wizard has been restructured and uses incoming/outgoing pages instead of server/login pages now (bug 71008)
  • The MailNews reply header type can now be selected in Preferences (bug 694514)
  • The domain name is highlighted in the location bar by default now (bug 689139), configurable in Preferences (bug 732816)
  • Links in View Source have Copy Link Location in their context menu now (bug 469434)
  • Support for MAPI ResolveName was added (bug 244222)
  • Certain global mailnews.* preferences are synced automatically now (bug 720735)
  • News username and password auth dialogs have been combined and show for which server the prompt is now (bug 201750)
  • The Linux/Unix wrapper shell script has been removed (bug 722262)
  • Column sort was added to the Page Info dialog (bug 76170)


  • The Master Password must be entered now before a password can be copied from the Data Manager (bug 667327)
  • Feeds stability has been improved (prevented restarts, better biff performance) (bug 738726)
  • The Download Now link was missing for partially downloaded POP3 messages (bug 736782)
  • The Print icon in the Composer toolbar could not be added/removed (bug 747765)
  • Signature switching in plaintext compose windows has been fixed (bug 735380)
  • The "Search subfolders" option is now disabled if no subfolders exist (bug 59049)
  • Saving new messages as file was impossible when the subject was empty (bug 718480)
  • New Groups subscribe uses NEWGROUPS instead of LIST now (bug 727818)
  • Waiting to enter the password for a POP3 account could result in the application hanging (bug 589759)
  • Whitespace on feed or feeditem titles could lead to multiple folders of the same name (bug 547543)
  • Expiration of news articles was broken (bug 727951)
  • Saving a message in a local folder as .eml removed a starting dot from all lines and ignored lines that only contained a single dot (bug 339595)
  • Forwarding of feed articles sometimes did not include the full text but the URL only (bug 714570)
  • The "Delete from server" filter option has been removed for non-POP3 accounts (bug 730236)
  • The displayed in-use size on the Cache Preferences panel is now reset when the cache is cleared (bug 720063)
  • Subjects in message/rfc822 mails (used as attachment file names) are decoded now (bug 717429)
  • Account Settings copied "Reply-To Address" between accounts when selected (bug 530142)
  • "Check for new messages every x minutes" cannot be set to 0 with the corresponding checkbox enabled anymore (bug 532391)
  • The Site Navigation Bar associates link rel='start' with "first" instead of "top" now (bug 201979)
  • A crash could happen while writing a virtual folders save file (bug 650831)
  • Base64-encoded .eml files in attachments could not be opened or saved (bug 580017)
  • The Bcc field in Account Settings Copies & Folders is initialized to the current address now (bug 208628)
  • Account Settings allowed setting the local directory of multiple accounts to the same physical directory and thus cause a crash when checking IMAP mail or regenerating msf files (bug 218439)
  • Replying to .eml or message/rfc822 mails could lead to problems with a MIME-encoded subject (bug 314351)
  • Browser windows appeared as just "SeaMonkey" in the DOM Inspector under Inspect Chrome Document (bug 710978)
  • News username and password are no longer forgotten upon authentication failure (bug 437930)
  • The feed subscriptions dialog has been improved (bug 716706, bug 731702 and bug 550800)
  • Multiple (Master) password prompts could happen on startup when using news authentication (bug 560793)
  • When sending of a message was aborted, temporary files could be left behind after quitting (bug 235432)
  • Getting MailNews feed messages has been improved (bug 711173)
  • Invalid Junk settings could be left behind when the target folder belonged to a deleted account (bug 472959)
  • The Page Info Security tab did not show cookies for sites with IP:8080 addresses (bug 724222)
  • All columns in Page Info tabs could be hidden (bug 168908)