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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.17 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.16)? (All)


  • Sending emails with IDN-based email addresses is now possible (bug 127399)
  • Clear Private Data now clears search bar and find bar data (bug 815127)
  • SSL-related warning prompts have been replaced by notifications (bug 817441)


  • SeaMonkey now registers itself for SVG files and playable media types on Mac OS X (bug 806236)
  • The IMAP LIST command is now called before calling the LSUB command in order to get mailbox flags correctly (bug 799821)
  • Disabling of elements in the Account Manager for which the corresponding pref was locked has been fixed (bug 807101)
  • The IMAP account option "Synchronize the most recent" was not saving correctly in the Account Manager (bug 804091)
  • POP3/IMAP/News/LDAP server names in the Account Manager are now validated (bug 327812)
  • The styling of "toaster" alert windows has been adjusted for the Modern theme (bug 818017)
  • URLs known to be UTF-8 are now identified to make pressing Enter on the location bar work correctly (bug 801287)
  • Hovering the search option with the mouse while pressing Enter on the location bar no longer triggers a search (bug 690745)
  • Pre-filling of the default whitelist for popup permissions has been fixed (bug 822441)
  • Right-clicking form buttons or select elements shows a context menu again (bug 822581)
  • Horizontal mouse wheel settings have been restored in Preferences (bug 819652)
  • Junk and Delete buttons were missing description texts in the customize menu (bug 768010)
  • When deferring an account, its junk target folders and those pointing to it are now automatically deferred, too (bug 734034)
  • Message signatures were misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and signature position set to "above quote" (bug 545859)
  • Right-clicking an empty part of the tab bar now opens a context menu again (bug 669207)
  • The "Get more search engines" link is working again (bug 696716)