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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.7 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.6)? (SM / All)

  • HTML5 videos now feature Show Statistics and Save Snapshot As in their context menus (bug 697124)
  • Add-ons that are installed into the shared user and shared system areas now get disabled by default. If you schedule a new add-on for installation by copying it to the profile's extensions folder, a new in-content UI appears now (bug 696598)
  • Sync dialogs should now persist their position (bug 695523)
  • Sync dialogs look more similar now (bug 684537)
  • The MailNews Advanced Search dialog now supports keys for marking as read, flagged or tagged (bug 693210)
  • Internet searches started from the context menu now open in a new tab (as opposed to a new window) by default (bug 693080)
  • The Add-ons Manager and Data Manager now open according to Link Behavior preferences (i.e. in a window if the user chose so) (bug 665678)
  • The default theme supports small icons for the Address Book toolbar now (bug 576402)
  • Custom news message filters support "doesn't contain" and "isn't" now (bug 618624)
  • Add-ons are now compatible by default (provided they are compatible with at least SeaMonkey 2.1) (bug 702792)