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What big things do SeaMonkey 2.9 builds offer (over SeaMonkey 2.8)? (All)


  • New locales: Ukrainian (uk) (bug 726486), Chinese (Traditional) (zh-TW) (bug 713649)
  • View Source now has line numbers (bug 246620)
  • The File and Move Bookmarks dialogs are resizable now (bug 605786, bug 732808)
  • Lightning toolbars can be customized now (bug 721330)
  • HTML5 videos that do not start automatically show a large play button now (bug 721881)
  • The Download Manager window supports lightweight themes (Personas) now (bug 721583)
  • Ctrl+Shift+K as shortcut for the Lightning Task Quick Filter is supported now (bug 719034)
  • Unsorted Bookmarks has been added to the Bookmarks menu and the Personal Toolbar has been renamed to to Bookmarks Toolbar (bug 588807)
  • Sounds are now played using libcanberra instead of esound on Linux (bug 635918)
  • Sync can sync installed add-ons now (provided they are available from AMO) (bug 713087)
  • Bookmark This Link has been added to feeds' Website header link context menus (bug 711779)
  • "Open in Browser" was added to the context menu for opening a website from RSS (bug 688745)
  • Attachments on compose windows can be renamed using F2 on Windows and Linux now (bug 718310)
  • Addresses can be dragged from the the address book sidebar now (bug 713405)
  • Pasting a URL from the clipboard into the Download Manager window will download it (bug 719196)
  • The Feed Subscribe dialog remembers where you place it now (bug 712035)
  • A Print button can be added to the compose window toolbar now (bug 718517)
  • Spelling settings now have their own preferences pane under Appearance (bug 527173)
  • Plugins can be disabled for the whole suite now in addition to Mail & Newsgroups only (bug 620776)
  • Support for other message storage formats (pluggable mail stores) has been added (bug 402392).
    To enable the new Maildir format (instead of the default Mbox) for new accounts, set mail.serverDefaultStoreContractID to ";1". There is no UI for any of this yet.


  • The chrome directory was missing in fresh profiles (bug 728840)
  • An IPv6 address literal was not usable as a MailNews server name (bug 491843)
  • "View Background Image" in the context menu for stand-alone video content has been disabled (bug 729633)
  • Some RSS feeds were not properly recognized (bug 723469)
  • Errors attaching anchor parts when sending mail could lead to issues with fancy signature files (bug 714825)
  • The UI could freeze on feed biff/get new messages (bug 711173)
  • MIME parts in a multipart/related context that were not referred to or could not be displayed inline were not available as attachments (bug 674473)
  • The onchange and input events were not fired for all form elements on restore (bug 700144)
  • Background tabs were not set to an inactive state (bug 728096)
  • A MIME part with content-disposition: attachment was not displayed as an attachment if it did not have a filename (bug 705431)
  • The Print button in the MailNews toolbar was misaligned with the Modern theme (bug 722758)
  • LDAP address book results were not sorted when autocompleting was active (bug 380636)
  • Marking as Junk with "Delete mail marked as junk" set undeleted deleted mail (bug 228949)
  • Auto-save will not happen anymore if a message is currently being sent (bug 714452)